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Fukuoka Ramen Map - How to order ramen

    How to order ramen

    In most Hakata ramen shops, you are given the choice of ordering how "hard" (well boiled) you would like your noodles.
    Each person has their own likes and dislikes but please be sure not to overdo it and make yourself sick!
    )"Bariyawa" - very soft, so much so that you only need gums to eat this successfully!

    (2) "Yawa" - soft with no crunch to it at all.

    (3) "Futsu" - regular, this is the default for most places.

    (4) "Kata" - hard, with a bit of a crunch. This is a pretty popular option.

    (5) "Barikata" - very hard and crunchy. This is a popular option.

    (6) "Harigane" - (lit. wire) exactly as the word itself implies. It's a rare order to place.

    (7) "Kona-otoshi" - an even harder option to the "harigane," this is where the noodles are briefly dipped in water. You don't see this often.

    (8) "Yuge-toshi" - (noodles that have been passed through steam only.) I've never personally seen this being ordered.
    Most orders range from numbers 2 to 5. From number 6 onward - especially 8 - I'd say you may even be putting your health on the line!

    Coupling a rich, tonkotsu (prok-based) broth with straight, hard, and thin noodles is a Hakata ramen specialty. In fact, maybe that's why they implemented the "kaedama" system, wherein you get a second serving of noodles as opposed to "oomori" (a larger portion from the start). This prevents the noodles from becoming too soggy.

    It is best to order "kaedama" before you fully polish off your first batch of noodles. In some shops you can even order "han-kaedama" (half of a kaedama). The main reason I recommend placing an order for "kaedama" so soon is because your soup will go cold if you wait to finish everything and then order. Timing is everything when it comes to the "kaedama" and once you've got that down you can master the art of eating ramen. Please keep in mind, however that a "kaedama" is only a second serving of noodles; if you don't have any soup left it probably will not be as satisfying.



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