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Explore hot spots with the "MUSEUM Excursions Pass"!

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Have loads of fun and make big savings with this extensive set of coupons!

The weather in Japan is beautiful right now! It's a great time to enjoy seasonal food, excursions, and art! So, we'd like to introduce you to a booklet of coupons called the "MUSEUM Excursions Pass," which is full of great offers that will let you make the most of this time of year!

ミュージアム周遊パス MUSEUM Excursions Pass
Coupons for a total of 62 facilities, including art galleries and museums, are featured in the "MUSEUM Excursions Pass." Simply present the coupons at any of the participating establishments from Sunday 1st October to Sunday 31st December, and you will be eligible to receive all kinds of great benefits, such as discounts on entrance fees and special souvenirs. The booklet not only provides all the basic information you might need to know about each facility listed (location, opening hours, whether or not free Wi-Fi is available), but also specific details about all perks and discounts available, as well as the must-see sights! Pick-up the booklet for free at any of the art galleries or museums featured, as well as tourist information centers and hotels!

Discover new places that you might not have come across, explore what they have to offer, stroll around their surroundings, and enjoy delicious local food nearby! How does it sound? Enjoy all the best food, excursions, and art that Autumn in Kyushu has to offer with the "MUSEUM Excursions Pass!" (Editorial Dept .: kurocco)

MUSEUM Excursions Pass (ミュージアム周遊パス) Overview

Length of campaign: Sunday 1st October to Sunday 31st December 2017
Available at: Art galleries and museums featured, as well as tourist information centers, and hotels, etc.
How to use coupons: 1. Present the "MUSEUM Excursions Pass" booklet at the ticket counter OR
2. Download the coupon from the website to your mobile device, such as smartphone or tablet, then show it at the ticket counter.

[MUSEUM Excursions Pass COUPON] Download from here. Alternatively, please search the download page by typing in the following keywords; "MUSEUM Excursions Pass," "ミュージアム周遊パス."
*Please be aware that coupons printed from the website can not be used, so be sure to download them from the internet on to a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet, and show the screen to a member of staff at the ticket counter.
pdf.jpgMUSEUM Excursions Pass COUPON

Inquiries: 福岡県人づくり・県民生活部文化振興課 [Fukuoka Prefecture Human Resources Development and Citizens Affairs Department, Culture Promotion Division]
(TEL:092-643-3383 FAX:092-643-3347 E-mail:bunshin@pref.fukuoka.lg.jp)

* Photocopied coupons are not valid.
* Coupons are only valid once for each person at each facility.
* Coupons are not valid with any other offers.

Additional Info. (Available in Japanese): http://www.pref.fukuoka.lg.jp/contents/museumpass.html

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