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The final performance of the 4th "HYPNOSISMIC" stage play will take place at Fukuoka Sunpalace on 7 Mar (Sun)! Live broadcast nationwide♪

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The 4 gorgeous divisions gather for the first time in the stage series! Don't miss the exciting rap battle!!

ヒプノシスマイク-Division Rap Battle-
"HYPNOSISMIC" is a project based on rap that features original characters. Since it was started off in 2017, it has become very popular and received positive comments such as "It's amazing that every character stands out!", "What a great singing skill", "High standard rap is the best!" However, the project is not limited to manga and anime only, but is also developing a 2.5-dimensional stage version with young actors as cast.

The performance of the 4th "HYPNOSISMIC -Division Rap Battle- Rule the Stage -track.4-" is finally coming to Fukuoka on 7 March (Sunday) and will take place at Fukuoka Sunpalace! It will be broadcast live to cinemas all over Japan, so you will be able to enjoy the exciting vibe from the big screen and powerful sound system even if you are not in front of the stage. Furthermore, in the stage play series you will be thrilled to see the 12 cast from 4 divisions (teams) gather for the first time who have appeared since the beginning of the project! Enjoy the amazing rap battle at the nearest cinema♪ (Editorial Dept.: Mofer)

"HYPNOSISMIC-Division Rap Battle-" Rule the Stage -track.4-

- Original story: EVIL LINE RECORDS
- Director: Ueki Go
- Screenplay: Kameda Shinjirou
- Cast:
Ikebukuro Division "Buster Bros!!!"
 YAMADA ICHIRO / Takano Akira, YAMADA JIRO / Matsuda Shota, YAMADA SABURO / Akishima Ryuto
Yokohama Division "MAD TRIGGER CREW"
Shibuya Division "Fling Posse"
 AMEMURA RAMUDA / Sekoguchi Ryo, YUMENO GENTARO / Maeyama Takahisa, ARISUGAWA DICE / Takizawa Ryo
Shinjuku Division "Matenro"
 JINGUJI JAKURAI / Ayukawa Taiyo, IZANAMI HIFUMI / Araki Hirofumi, KANNONZAKA DOPPO / Miyagi Kodai
Division Dance Battle- "D.D.B"
 Toyotaka, RYO, gash!, SHINSUKE, HILOMU, Dolton, KENTA, GeN, KIMUTAKU
- Organizer: "Hypnosis Mic -Division Rap Battle-" Rule the Stage Production Committee.
- Official Website: https://hypnosismic-stage.com/track4/
- Official Twitter: @hypnosismic
- Stage Official Twitter: @hm_rtstage
©『ヒプノシスマイク-Division Rap Battle-』Rule the Stage製作委員会

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