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The Museum Excursion Pass offers cheap entry to cultural facilities all over Kyushu and Okinawa!

Culture Watch
LANGUAGES AVAILABLE: デイリートピックス Culture Watch Culture Watch Culture Watch Culture Watch Culture Watch

The booklet has so many benefits! There are lots of museums to check out!

Museum Excursion Pass
The 2022 version of the Museum Excursion Pass is now available! This incredibly useful pass consists of special coupons that can be used at museums and art galleries around Fukuoka Prefecture. However, the pass is not limited to Fukuoka-based facilities, it can also be used all over Kyushu, Okinawa, and Yamaguchi Prefecture. It features information about a total of 188 facilities, including 94 in Fukuoka Prefecture. Inside the pass, you will find information relating to each facility's opening hours and accessibility. And that is not all... There are lots of details about discounts on admission and souvenirs. This is all conveniently summarized in one easy-to-understand booklet.

The coupons can be used until Tuesday 31st January 2023. The free pass is available at tourist information centers and municipal offices inside Fukuoka Prefecture. You can also download a digital version from the official Fukuoka Prefectural website. You'll find it in the "Museum Excursion Pass" section of the site, which is listed below. Make sure to check it out! Don't miss the chance to get your hands on a Museum Excursion Pass and visit amazing cultural facilities at a discounted price! (Editorial Dept.: Boruto)

Museum Excursion Pass Outline

- Length of campaign: Until Tuesday 31st January 2023

- Available at: Art galleries and museums featured, as well as tourist information centers, municipal offices in Fukuoka Prefecture, and hotels, etc.

- How to use coupons:
1. Present the "Museum Excursion Pass" booklet's "coupon page" at the relevant ticket counter/reception desk OR
2. Download the coupons from the link below to your handheld device (smartphone or tablet), and present them at the ticket counter/reception desk.
The "Museum Excursion Pass Coupon" can be downloaded from the URL below.

- Fukuoka Prefecture Official Website "Museum Excursion Pass" information:
* The booklet includes information in Japanese and English. The digital version provides details about the facilities in Japanese, English, Chinese, and Korean.

- Please note:
* Photocopied coupons are not valid.
* Coupons are not valid with any other offers.
* Some establishments only accept coupons from the book.
* Since some establishments limit the number of admissions, be sure to check on the page that has information on each establishment.

- Please wear a mask and keep a sufficient distance when viewing.

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