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Sakura (cherry blossom) season is almost in Fukuoka! Introducing beautiful spots to see the beautiful pink scenery!


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Castles x Sakura, Shrines x Sakura.....Let's visit some famous Cherry blossom viewing spots!

When you start to feel the arrival of spring through the warming sunshine, it will soon be the season of cherry blossoms in Japan. In Fukuoka you can marvel over the pale pink beautiful sight from the end of March until the beginning of April. Cherry blossoms can be viewed in a familiar park or other nature reserves, in a historic castle or shrines surrounded by an amazing atmosphere.... How about going out to take photos of this beautiful spring nature event, while enjoying the cherry blossom season in Fukuoka?

* Please note that the information in this article is accurate at the time of writing, so it is recommended to check the official websites and social media pages of each facility or spots for the latest information.

Amazing contrast of spring colours created by cherry blossoms and nemophilas!

Uminonakamichi Seaside Park
(Information as of April 2020)

● Uminonakamichi Seaside Park / 海の中道海浜公園

Uminonakamichi Seaside Park is where you can enjoy the "flower relay" throughout the four seasons. When the annual spring event "Uminonakamichi Flower Picnic" is held, there are so many highlights and what you should not miss is the "Colourful Spring Palette" created by multicoloured tulips and blue flower beds woven by nemophilas. During the cherry blossom season, you will be thrilled by the amazing contrast of spring colours made by the pinkish cherry blossoms, yellow Nanohana (canola flowers) and blue nemophilas!

- Address: 18-25 Saitozaki, Higashi-ku, Fukuoka Japan
- Official Website: https://uminaka-park.jp/
- Twitter: @uminakapark
- Facebook: @uminaka.go.jp
- Instagram: @uminonakamichiseasidepark

♡ Check out more details on Uminonakamichi Seaside Park, here!

Just a short walk from from the center of Tenjin! Enjoy gorgeous cherry blossoms while taking in a site steeped in history!

Maiduru Park
(Information as of April 2020)

● Maiduru Park / 舞鶴公園

Maiduru Park is located within walking distance of Tenjin. This park surrounds the ruins of Fukuoka Castle, which was built by Kuroda Nagamasa, a warlord who lived during the Sengoku period to early Edo period. During late March to early April, there are about 1,000 cherry blossom trees in full bloom, decorating the park with stunning view of collaboration between cherry blossoms and the castle walls. Cherry blossoms casting a shadow on the surface of the moat, the contrast between the magnificent stone walls and the fleeting pink cherry blossoms are the must-see sceneries in particular!

- Address: 1 Jonai, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka-shi Japan
- Official Website: https://www.midorimachi.jp/maiduru/
- Facebook: @maidurupark

♡ Check out more details on Maiduru Park here!

Enjoy beautiful sakura and pray for love at once!

Homangu Kamado Jinja
(Information as of April 2020)

● Homangu Kamado Jinja / 宝満宮竈門神社

Kamado Shrine is located about 10 minutes by bus and about 40 minutes on foot from Dazaifu Station. It is renowned for its god of love and match-making. Many visitors can be seen regardless of the season. Someiyoshino and Yamazakura will be in full bloom during the cherry blossom season. Near the entrance there is a stone Torii gate. You will definitely be attracted by the view of it surrounded by the pinkish cherry blossom, which reminds us of the start of a new season.

- Address: 883 Uchiyama, Dazaifu-shi, Fukuoka Japan
- Official Website: https://kamadojinja.or.jp/
- Facebook:@kamadojinja
- Instagram:@kamadojinja.official

♡ Check out more details on Homangu Kamado Jinja here!

One of the Japan's Top 100 Cherry Blossom Spots!

Nishi Park
(Information as of April 2020)

● Nishi Park / 西公園

Nishi Park is famous for cherry blossom viewing spot in Fukuoka. Located on a small hill protruding to Port of Hakata, there are a lot of cherry blossom trees in the park, such as Someiyoshino Trees and Yamazakura (Prunus jamasakura), coloring the area with subtle shades of pink. It is also famous as a hiking trail as there is a promenade where you can fully enjoy the greenery of the park!

- Address: Nishikouen, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka-shi Japan
- Official Website: https://www.nishikouen.jp/
- Twitter (Ohori Park & Nishi Park): @ohoripark
- Instagram:@nishipark_fukuoka

♡ Check out more details on Nishi Park, here!

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