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Yoakejaya Omiyage-kan (夜明茶屋 お土産館)


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Fukuoka Eat & Drink Guide
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Lots of Yanagawa's unique and impactful souvenirs♪

Yoakedyaya Omiyage-kan
Grid pattern Namako wall that is often seen in the city of Yanagawa that gives out a traditional atmosphere!
The huge mudflats of the Ariake Sea facing Yanagawa City, Fukuoka Prefecture, are full of mysterious creatures such as mudhoppers, "aliens of the Ariake Sea", warasubo (odontamblyopus) and ancient shellfish Mechaja (Linguna anatina)! "Yoakejaya" is a local restaurant where you can enjoy the seafood of the Ariake Sea. It is located in the Okinohata district where it has one of the boat embarkation point. This time we'd like to introduce "Yoakejaya Omiyage-kan", a store full of unique products run by Yoakejaya located across the road from it!
Yoakedyaya Omiyage-kan
"Yoakejaya" with a fish store on the 1st floor and a dining place on the 2nd floor!
Yoakedyaya Omiyage-kan
souvenir store entrance

Yoakedyaya Omiyage-kan
The store has delicacies from the Ariake Sea that can be kept in room temperature! The moment you enter the store, you will see an "Alien Corner" that gives out a creepy vibe. In that corner, you will find some processed foods such as ramen, soup, cookies, and energy drinks that was made using the horrendous warasubo / Odontamblyopus, it's definitely something no one would have expected!
Yoakedyaya Omiyage-kan
Yoakedyaya Omiyage-kan
Yoakedyaya Omiyage-kan
Yoakedyaya Omiyage-kanWe found Mutsugoro with blue spots and huge eyes (left) and warasubo / Odontamblyopus (right) at the fish store of Yoakejaya! Warasubo's eyes are degenerated and its sharp, bare teeth looks scary!

Yoakedyaya Omiyage-kan
Yoakedyaya Omiyage-kan"Mutsugoro Ramen" (left) and "Unagi Ramen" (right) made by "Ra-mugi", a ramen wheat grown in Fukuoka specially used for ramen noodles.
The store's signature products "Mutsugoro Ramen" and the Kabayaki-flavored "Unagi Ramen" are certified as Yanagawa brand. "THE Sa-BAR" (smoked mackerel) goes perfectly with drinks, and "THE Sa-BAR Ramen" that was released this year are also popular. There are also varieties of Yanagawa's seafood products such as seaweed, scallops, and sake-pickled barnea dilatata! Do come and stop by if you want to explore Yanagawa's unique and impactful souvenirs.
Yoakedyaya Omiyage-kan
Yoakedyaya Omiyage-kan"THE Sa-BAR Ramen: Smoked Soy Sauce Flavored mackerel" using "Mataichi no Shio" from Itoshima, Fukuoka Prefecture


Yoakejaya Omiyage-kan / 夜明茶屋 お土産館

- Address: 94-1 Inari-machi, Yanagawa-shi, Fukuoka-ken Japan
- Official Website: http://www.mutugorou.co.jp/
- Twitter: @yoakedyaya
- Facebook: @yoakedyaya
- Instagram: @yoakedyaya

* All information correct as of October 2021. Store layout and products may differ from current one.

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