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Fukuoka Udon Trivia

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Udon topped with gobo-ten (tempura fried burdock) is a dish that can be found in the majority of Fukuoka noodle joints. It is almost a trademark of Fukuoka udon. Locals are so familiar with this topping that some Fukuoka-natives don't even know it is an ingredient unique to the area! You can find udon restaurants serving all types of gobo toppings. There are some that deep fry gobo, and others that use a thick batter. It is even possible to find it served in a disk-shape! You can explore some of these variations.

Maruten (fried fishcake) is another udon topping that is hugely popular in Fukuoka. Maruten is prepared by frying minced white fish meat that has been formed into a circular-shape. The fishcake is then served on top of udon. It is a great match for the type of soft noodles that are popular in Fukuoka. There is an interesting story behind why soft texture of udon is so popular among locals... Located in down town Fukuoka City, Hakata has flourished as a merchant area. Back then locals saw time as money! Diners were at their happiest when a dish was served up at rapid speed! Chefs would boil udon noodles in advance to satisfy the Hakata merhcants. The soft texture of noodle that is popular today harks back to that time!
TEXT BY: Yuichiro Yamada



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  • * Winner announced! A card signed by BATTEN GIRLS!
  • Tsuda Minami, Nagae Rika, and Takahashi Karin
  • * Winner announced! A card signed by Nagae Rika, Tsuda Minami and Takahashi Karin !