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Omuta City / 大牟田市

Fukuoka Virtual Travel
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Let the guinea pigs from Omuta City Zoo and Jabow guide you!

*Hot City Omuta Channel| "Omuta Rare Scenery Version" (released in October 2019)
Omuta City is located in the southern part of Fukuoka Prefecture and near the centre of Kyushu. It has a well-developed railway network and provides easy access to the entire Kyushu region. Here, we would like to share 2 videos that introduce different ways of touring the city: the "Omuta Rare Scenery Version" with guinea pigs from Omuta City Zoo, and another one with dancing Jabow (Omuta City's official character/mascot) as a guide. These videos show you many attractive features of the city, such as the Sites of JAPAN’S MEIJI INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION - Miike Coal Mine and Miike Port (registered as world heritage); a traditional summer festival which a huge snake blowing fire and dancing powerfully ― "Omuta Daijayama Festival"; local gourmet "Okonomiyaki Dago" and "Kusaki Manjū". Don't forget to check♪
*Hot City Omuta Channel| "Let's do the Jabow dance! ~Jabow Theme song! 2018~" (released in October 2018)


Omuta City / 大牟田市
- Omuta navi (Omuta Tourism Association Official Website): http://www.sekoia.org/index.php
- YouTube (Hot City Omuta Channel / ほっとシティおおむたチャンネル): HERE!

Omuta City Official Character "Jabow"
- Official Website (inside Omuta City Official Website): https://www.city.omuta.lg.jp/jb/
- YouTube: HERE!
- Twitter: @jabow_omuta
- Instagram: @jabow_omuta

- Hot spots around this area! -

Miike Coal Mine Miyanohara Pit
Miike Coal Mine Miyanohara Pit
[Omuta City]
[Yanagawa City]
Kogashin Kimonokan
Kogashin Kimonokan
[Yanagawa City]

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