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Fukuoka Area Guide Brought to You by Reporter Seoyeon! (Higashi-ku & Shigu Area)

This is Fukuoka
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LANGUAGES AVAILABLE: 東区・新宮 東区・新宮 東区・新宮 東区・新宮 東区・新宮 東区・新宮
"This is Fukuoka" is a series that gives members of the international community an opportunity to introduce a range of exciting local attractions. The reporter for this installment is Seoyeon from Korea! Seoyeon went to discover some popular sites in Higashi-Ku (East Ward) and Shingu-Machi (Shingu Town)!

1. Beautiful nature, historic sites, and lots of cats... All in Ainoshima!

Ainoshima and Cats

2. 島の駅 あいのしま (Shima no Eki Ainoshima)

Shima no Eki Ainoshima

3. Marine World Uminonakamichi


4. HONEY COFFEE Island City Branch

HONEY COFFEE Island City Branch

Map of the locations introduced!


SeoyeonHi, I am Seoyeon! I am from Korea. I work in the Fukuoka Prefectural Offices as a Coordinator for International Relations (CIR). I want to visit lots of places all over Fukuoka!

■ Favorite Fukuoka food: Udon, Motsunabe, "Hakata ShinShin Ramen," and Hiyoko Sweets.
■ Hobbies, special skills: scuba diving, cooking, travel, playing piano, looking for places to eat
■ Favorite Musicians: 米津玄師 (Yonezu Kenshi), 上北健 (Kamikita Ken), and back number
■ Favorite "ゆるキャラ" (Yuru-chara / Local Mascot): くまモン (Kumamon) - Kumamoto -, いとゴン (Itogon) - Itoshima-shi, Fukuoka-ken -, なんじぃ(Nanji) - Nanjo-shi, Okinawa-ken -



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