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KPF2018 Cosplay Snaps(1/10)

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"What is that anime/manga character doing here?" Enjoy some snaps of cosplayers in action!

Cosplay Snaps
(From left) "Mecha-Ude" Official Cosplayers: Jun Kagami, Hikaru Amatsuga, Aki Murasame

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The cosplay studios "UnderLand" and "Booty Fukuoka" helped organize events that took place during "KPF2018"! There was so many cosplayers inside the venue! In this report, we'd like to introduce some of the cosplaying staff who helped create a lively atmosphere in the booths and the participants we met inside the venue! We took some awesome photographs! Make sure to take a look and find-out more about the cosplayers that attended! The first image above features a trio of "Mecha-ude" official cosplayers!


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