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"Chuang 2021" show's former trainee, Fukuoka-native Harabe Ryo (Bling Bling) visits Dazaifu!

Exploring Fukuoka - Dazaifu City
LANGUAGES AVAILABLE: 日本語 한국어 简体字 繁體字 ภาษาไทย Bahasa Indonesia

Many scenic photo shoot opportunities and an exciting Kawara Soba-noodles restaurant!

Harabe Ryo × Dazaifu
Harabe Ryo, also known as "Bling Bling", is a former trainee/contestant of the popular idol audition program "Chuang 2021" (Produce Camp 2021). He originally is from Fukuoka and also currently lives there. We accompanied him while he explored the Dazaifu area: Homangu Kamado Shrine, which is famous for marriage and matchmaking and the Oniyaki Kawara Soba noodle restaurant KAGURA, which is famous for the unusual, colorful Kawara-soba dish. How did Ryo enjoy his Dazaifu tour? Check out our video and find out!

Homangu Kamado Jinja

Harabe Ryo × Dazaifu
It is only about 10 minute bus ride from Nishitetsu Dazaifu Station to Homangu Kamado shrine, his first destination of this trip. Ryo made a visit to the main shrine to the god of marriage and then continued on to the stylish amulet shop. He chose a talisman amulet and made a wish and wrote it on a wooden plaque and left it in the shrine for the gods to make his wish come true. Ryo also made a wish when he took the "Aikyo no Iwa" challenge, which is believed to make your wish come true if you close your eyes and think about someone and can make your way from one rock to the next. What did he wish for, you might ask? He wants to meet every single one of his awesome fans one day!
Harabe Ryo × Dazaifu
Harabe Ryo × Dazaifu
Harabe Ryo × DazaifuThe omamori (good luck charm) counter is a very modern building. A variety of cute and colorful talisman-amulets are available here.

Harabe Ryo × Dazaifu
Harabe Ryo × Dazaifu
Ryo wrote his wish for world peace on a wooden plaque called "Ema"!

Oniyaki Kawara Soba KAGURA

Harabe Ryo × Dazaifu
Next on the list was a visit to the Oniyaki Kawara Soba restaurant KAGURA, which is close by the Kamado shrine. Ryo enjoyed the lunch speciality: Gokusai Oniyaki Kawara Soba.
Harabe Ryo × Dazaifu
This unique Kawara Soba dish is served on a traditional Jojima Onigawara tile crafted in Fukuoka
The Onigawara demon glares at you from the tile but it only adds to the charm of the dish! Kawara soba noodles are served on a hot tile with various toppings like sweet and spicy beef, sliced egg omelette and a variety of colorful seasonal vegetables. Ryo mentioned that this dish reminds him of spring! The friendly shop owner was forthcoming with general information about Onigawara and recommended how to enjoy this special dish in the best ways. We did not capture this in the video but Ryo ate up everything while enjoying the cozy atmosphere!
Harabe Ryo × Dazaifu


Homangu Kamado Jinja / 宝満宮竈門神社

- Address: 883 Uchiyama, Dazaifu-shi, Fukuoka-ken Japan
- Official Website: https://kamadojinja.or.jp/
- Facebook: @kamadojinja
- Instagram: @kamadojinja.official

Oniyaki Kawara Soba KAGURA

- Address: 663-11 Uchiyama, Dazaifu-shi, Fukuoka-ken Japan
- Official Website: https://kagura-soba-noodle-shop.business.site/
- Instagram: @kagura666666

* All information correct as of April 2022. Facility layout and food menu may differ from the current one.


原部凌Harabe Ryo / 原部凌

- Weibo: @BlingBling原部凌
- Twitter: @ryo7218721
- Instagram: @ryo.hrb
- TikTok: @blingbling...ryo


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