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"Sumikkogurashi Exhibition 10th Anniversary ~Sumikko awards ceremony~" is taking place held at BOSS E・ZO FUKUOKA!

Sumikkogurashi Exhibition
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The Sumikko characters have been dressed in tuxedos and hats to welcome visitors!

Sumikkogurashi Exhibition
Has it really been ten years? A special event called "Sumikkogurashi Exhibition 10th Anniversary ~Sumikko awards ceremony~" is taking place at BOSS E・ZO FUKUOKA. The exhibition, which has been put together to celebrate ten years of "Sumikkogurashi," will be on in Fukuoka until Thursday 2nd March 2023. The characters slightly sad expression coupled with their super cute appearance makes them so adorable! The theme revolves around the Sumikko awards ceremony. It is the perfect way to commemorate the milestone! You'll also notice that some of the Sumikko characters have been dressed in tuxedos!
Sumikkogurashi Exhibition▲ When you purchase an admission ticket, you will receive a special "invitation!" This means that you have become an official guest to the Sumikko 10th anniversary celebrations!

Sumikkogurashi Exhibition▲ Hold your hand over the "Onsei (Audio) BOX" inside the venue and you'll hear voice artist Ono Daisuke's commentary! His soothing voice will help guide the way!
Sumikkogurashi Exhibition▲▼ In the "Sumikko awards ceremony!" section of the exhibition you can see some of the awards that the characters have received!

Sumikkogurashi Exhibition
▲ The certificate on the wall praises the Penguin?'s hard work!

Sumikkogurashi Exhibition▲ The Sumikko deity (who is known as "Sumigamisama") presents an award for outstanding work! They appear once every five years! Visitors who step up onto the podium will see their own certificate of commendation appear on the monitor!
Sumikkogurashi Exhibition▲ Sumikkogurashi first appeared in 2012. Visitors can look back at some of the Sumikko characters most memorable moments in the "Theme Art Hyoshoshiki (Award Ceremony)" area!

Sumikkogurashi Exhibition▲▼ The "Sumikkogurashi Collection Contest Venue" section is the spot to enjoy "nui-dori!" It is so much fun to take a photo with your favorite stuffed toy! You can even bring one with you from home!

Sumikkogurashi Exhibition
Sumikkogurashi Exhibition
▲ Sumikkogurashi creator Yokomizo Yuri's draft sketches and original illustrations are also on display.

Sumikkogurashi Exhibition▲ This stuffed toy is a prototype from the early stages of the production process. It is really interesting to see how different they look from the characters we know now!

Sumikkogurashi Exhibition▲ The exhibition also introduces some of the materials and equipment used to create the drawings! It seems that the line illustrations were drawn with a 2 mm thick mechanical pencil!

Sumikkogurashi Exhibition
▲ Here are the Sumikko characters riding an open top car as part of a celebration parade!

Sumikkogurashi Exhibition
▲ Yokomizo's hand-drawn illustrations are on display at the venue! Make sure to keep an eye out for them!

◎ Merchandise area

Sumikkogurashi Exhibition▲▼ Inside the venue, you'll find a range of limited edition items that have been developed for the exhibition! Why not pick up a fluffy Sumikko character dressed in a tuxedo?

Sumikkogurashi Exhibition

◎ "Sumikkogurashi Exhibition 10th Anniversary ~Sumikko awards ceremony~" collab menu!

Sumikkogurashi Exhibition▲▼ A special selection of snacks and drinks have been developed at the MLB café FUKUOKA on the 3rd floor of BOSS E・ZO FUKUOKA to commemorate the "Sumikko awards ceremony"!

Sumikkogurashi Exhibition


"Sumikkogurashi Exhibition 10th Anniversary ~Sumikko awards ceremony~"
"すみっコぐらし展 10th Anniversary ~すみっこ表彰式~"

- Venue: BOSS E・ZO FUKUOKA 6F (2-2-6 Jigyouhama, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka-shi Japan)
- Event date: Saturday 21st January - Thursday 2nd March 2023
- Opening hours: 11:00-17:00 (Saturday, Sunday and holidays: 10:00-18:00)
- BOSS E・ZO FUKUOKA Official Website (event info): here!
- Sumikkogurashi Exhibition Official Twitter: @Sumikkoten10th
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