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Vol.37 TEAM SAKUSAKU - Sakuraikku Box. ’18 - YOKOHAMA2118 - (Part 1) -

TEAM SAKUSAKU presents ~ Favorite Collections ~
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LANGUAGES AVAILABLE: TEAM SAKUSAKU presents ~ Favorite Collections ~ TEAM SAKUSAKU presents - Favorite Collections - TEAM SAKUSAKU presents - Favorite Collections - TEAM SAKUSAKU presents - Favorite Collections - TEAM SAKUSAKU presents - Favorite Collections -

The aim is to be creating physically interactive shows for the next 100 years!

TEAM SAKUSAKU held an event at the DMM VR THEATER, which is located close to Yokohama Station, on 30th June 2018. The "- Sakuraikku Box. '18 - YOKOHAMA 2118 -" took place under clear skies and featured live performances throughout the day. Both the weather and event seemed to heat-up as the event unfolded. DMM VR THEATER is one of the first permanent theaters in the world that can produce state-of-the-art images using holographic images. This was the first time that the theater had ever hosted a live festival-style event!

Sakuraikku Box. ’18 - YOKOHAMA2118 -
Sakuraikku Box. ’18 - YOKOHAMA2118 -
This limited edition beverage "Sakuraikku Drink" was only available during the event!
Voice artist Misae Komori was the MC for the day. The event also featured a holographic projection titled "VR Tenma Matsunaga living 100 years from now!" It was as if the live show was somehow creating a link with the world in 2118!

Sakuraikku Box. ’18 - YOKOHAMA2118 -
Takahiro Mizushima's narration provided a theme song for the event. URBANGARDE's "Sayonara Sub Culture" played in the background as images of the performers began to appear. The first singer to emerge on stage was the solo idol You Kikkawa. She performed as the music video for "Charming Generation" played in the background. VR was used to create incredible effects during the rendition of "Konna Watashi de Yokatta ra" and "DISTORTION." The venue was surrounded by VR graphics, which were perfectly in-sync with the music. The audience was totally engrossed in the performance. It was a bit like watching a music video come to life! You Kikkawa, who performs solo in the idol world, shared her thoughts on the developments of VR technology and its production value during the interval. She told the crowd, "next time I'm on stage, I definitely want to create a glamorous band and backing dancers using holographic images!"

Sakuraikku Box. ’18 - YOKOHAMA2118 -
LOVELY DOLL was the next daytime performer to take to the stage! They delivered an emotional performance of their heart-touching track "Hikari no Symphony" to an incredibly high standard. It is now seven years since they first formed! It is easy to see the sense of unity and balance they have achieved in everything that they do! They then gave a rendition of "Koi no Rainbow." The staging clearly took inspiration from the name of the song and featured all kinds of impressive colorful graphics. Then the group performed their third track "High Jump!" They did a tremendous job to create a glittering idol-themed world on the stage and inside the venue!
Sakuraikku Box. ’18 - YOKOHAMA2118 -
Sakuraikku Box. ’18 - YOKOHAMA2118 -
The evening section featured a performance by Maison book girl, who took to the stage following the end of LOVELY DOLL's set. Maison book girl sang "rooms" and a new track called "Raincoat to Kubi no nai Tori!" The use of VR helped create a wonderfully unique and artistic atmosphere. Everyone inside the theater was enthralled by the performance. The audience simply couldn't take their eyes off what was happening on stage. The raincoats that the group were wearing we clearly tied into the title of their second track. The outfits featured special devices and gizmos. The VR THEATER was shining with a mysterious glow. It was an incredible sight to behold!

Sakuraikku Box. ’18 - YOKOHAMA2118 -
The three-piece girls crew DEVIL NO ID rushed from Okinawa to be at the event. Their pure, innocent visuals, and high-octane dance routines mesmerized the audience! They were perfectly in time with the videos for their three tracks "Signal," "Kashimashi Sabato," and "R.S.G!" The staging was incredibly impressive! The staging had a refreshing quality and there was a real sense of presence to the whole performance. It was a real breath of fresh air!
Sakuraikku Box. ’18 - YOKOHAMA2118 -
The rapper DOTAMA entered from the wings wearing a suit. During the performance of "SUBWAY" he asked the audience if any people had come by subway. The lyrics were projected for the crowd's enjoyment. The words of the song momentarily appeared from all directions and then suddenly disappeared. The production had a bit of everything! Since rap music conveys a lots of messages, DOTAMA told the audience that projections and images were very important to him. The huge VR imagery used in the staging of "Supernova" created an entire cosmos. It felt like everyone inside the venue was given the opportunity to view a supernova while taking a trip through space. The songs had a slightly sad tone, but there was a wonderful balance between the images projected and music. The quality of the performance was absolutely fantastic!

Sakuraikku Box. ’18 - YOKOHAMA2118 -

*The second part to this article, “TEAM SAKUSAKU presents – Favorite Collections | Vol.37 TEAM SAKUSAKU - Sakuraikku Box. ’18 - YOKOHAMA2118 - (Part 2) - ,” will be released soon! Stay tuned!

TEAM SAKUSAKU presents Sakuraikku.’18 - YOKOHAMA2118 - Set list

You Kikkawa: "チャーミング勝負世代 (Charming Generation)", "こんな私でよかったら (Konna Watashi de Yokattara)", "DISTORTION"
LOVELY☆DOLL (Performance at noon): "光のシンフォニー (Hikari no Symphony)", "恋のレインボー (Koi no Rainbow)", "High Jump!"
Maison book girl (Performance at night): "rooms", "レインコートと首の無い鳥 (Raincoat to Kubi no nai Tori)"
DEVIL NO ID: "Signal", "かしましサバト (Kashimashi Sabato)", "R.S.G" *
DOTAMA: "SUBWAY" * "Supernova"
Tenma Matsunaga: "LOVE HARASSMENT", "ぼくらの七日間恋愛 (Bokura no Nanokakan Renai)"*
Sumire Uesaka: "踊れ!きゅーきょく哲学 (Odore! Kyuukyoku Tetsugaku)", "恋する図形 (cubic futurismo)", "POP TEAM EPIC"

"*" >> Produced by Show from A9
Genera Producer: Tenma Matsunaga



"World peace through J-POP culture!"
TEAM SAKUSAKU is a playground for artists and creators of J-POP culture.
Our passions for the things we like is the pathway to PEACE.

Official Website: http://teamsakusaku.com
Twitter: @team_sakusaku
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/team_sakusaku/


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