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Let's go for a "Himitsu no Tabi" with Imada Mio! The Fukuoka Prefecture's PR video is out now!

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Avoid the Three Cs and enjoy the new travel style in Fukuoka♪

Fukuoka Prefecture has produced a PR video titled "A 'Himitsu no Tabi' in Fukuoka - It's Time to Travel Fukuoka! -" (*"himitsu" here refers to "avoiding the Three Cs") featuring Imada Mio, the popular Japanese actress who has appeared in many popular drama series. It promotes a new travel style that helps avoid the Three Cs (Closed spaces, Crowded places, Close-contact settings), based on 4 types of ideas (girls trip, honeymoon, family trip, excursion for grown-ups). In the video, you will see Imada's lovely smile while enjoying cycling, delicious food, the stay at resort hotel, stunning night view, as well as other hidden beauty and fun spots in Fukuoka♪ Not only that Fukuoka is blessed with beautiful nature, it is full of history and culture and you will also find lots of delicious food. You would probably be inspired after watching and get many useful ideas for a safe and relaxing "'Himitsu' Trip"!
"Girls trip!"

"Go on a honeymoon!"

"Family vacations!"

"Excursion for Grown-Ups!"


- Special page for "'Himitsu no Tabi' in Fukuoka": https://fukuoka-himitsu.jp
- Instagram: @fukuokadeeps

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