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Let's cheer for the high school e-sports tournament "e-Football SDGs Cup 2020 in Kitakyushu"! Watch it live on YouTube on 20 September (Sunday)!

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Come witness the exciting battles among high school players!

e-Football SDGs Cup 2020 in Kitakyushu
Watch the high school esports tournament "e-Football SDGs Cup 2020 in Kitakyushu" live on YouTube on Sunday 20 September 2020! This event is to replace the cancelled summer football competition which was held in Kitakyushu every year. In addition to the football clubs from 5 high schools (from Fukuoka and other prefectures), the e-sports club from a high school will be participating. As the battlefield moves from the ground to the internet, these participants are going to fight for the title of "eFootball Winning Eleven 2021 SEASON UPDATE"! Furthermore, with Tashiro Yuzo (a Fukuoka native and a former Japanese football player who played for Japan national team) as a guest, it is likely to see many precious comments from the former professional player. Take this chance to witness the exciting battles among these passionate high school players! (Editorial Dept.: Mofer)
*The commentary will be in Japanese.


e-Football SDGs Cup 2020 in Kitakyushu

- Date & Time: Sunday 20th September 2020 11:00-14:00
- YouTube (LIVE):https://youtu.be/omTxj27CiVI
*Promotional video will be shared before the event

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