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Fighting game tournament "EVO Japan 2019" - Event Report

EVO Japan 2019
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A gathering of top gamers from all over the world! Fukuoka was filled with excitement during this three day tournament!

We had the chance to check-out "EVO Japan 2019!" This year's event took place in Fukuoka from Friday 15th to Sunday 17th February! Entrants competed in a range of different games. There was six main tournaments: "TEKKEN 7," "BLAZBLUE CROSS TAG BATTLE," "SOULCALIBUR VI," "THE KING OF FIGHTERS XIV," "STREET FIGHTER V ARCADE EDITION," and "GUILTY GEAR Xrd REV 2!" Approximately 2,500 gamers from all over the world entered! The venue also hosted around 20 smaller scale side events while the main competitions were taking place. This installment of EVO Japan proved to be a huge success and welcomed close to 13,000 guests! I visited various booths on Day Two of the event. Most of the stands on the first floor were related to gaming. The exhibits generated a great deal of interest among passersby. On Day Three, I had a chance to see the finals of the "TEKKEN 7" and "STREET FIGHTER V ARCADE EDITION" (hereafter referred to as SFV AE) competitions! The audience were enthralled by the incredible skills that were on display and the competitors' emotion-filled facial expressions! The crowd couldn't take their eyes off the big screen! The gamers' moves and tactics drew massive cheers from everyone inside the venue! "EVO Japan 2019" was a gathering of top gamers that had a wonderfully international vibe. This was the first time that Fukuoka had ever hosted this kind of huge scale e-sports event. It proved to be a fresh, new experience for those that are new to the scene! It seems that e-sports in Fukuoka will go on to attract more and more interest in the future, so we'll be sure keep an eye on this exciting movement!


EVO Japan 2019
The area in the center of the photograph is where the qualifying rounds took place.

EVO Japan 2019
The competitive atmosphere was amazing! The first floor was filled with excitement!

EVO Japan 2019
A lot of participants brought their own controllers! Participants could also borrow a controller if they needed one!

◎DAY3: "TEKKEN 7" Finals & Award Ceremony

EVO Japan 2019
TEKKEN™7 & ©BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.

EVO Japan 2019The eight finalists appeared on stage with the producer of the "TEKKEN" series Katsuhiro Harada! Huge congratulations to the eventual winner Arslan Ash (fourth from right)!

EVO Japan 2019[From left] jimmyjtran (United States), Book (Thailand), AK (Philippines), chikurin (Japan), Arslan Ash (Pakistan)、Saint (South Korea), CherryBerryMango (South Korea), and Destiny (South Korea)


EVO Japan 2019

EVO Japan 2019
The eight "SFV AE" finalists gathered on stage. The award was presented by pro-wrestler Kenny Omega (left)!

EVO Japan 2019[From top left] Oil King (Taiwan), Fuudo (Japan), Momochi (Japan), Nemo (Japan), jyobin (Japan), Punk (United States), Crusher (Japan), and Powell (Japan)
EVO Japan 2019
More than 1,000 people entered the "SFV AE" competition. Congratulations go to the Momochi who was able to emerge victorious!
EVO Japan 2019We got the chance to meet Punk and ask him about his time in Fukuoka. With a big smile on his face he said, ​"​Fukuoka City is very beautiful! I want to try some ramen before I go home!"
EVO Japan 2019"It was a blast!"... The competition was tough, but Grand finalist Fuudo still had a great time!
EVO Japan 2019
Thank you "EVO Japan 2019!" It was a truly memorable event!

◎Check-out some of the awesome exhibition booths that were set-up during the event!

● NTT docomo
EVO Japan 2019
State of the art technology, such as 5G and 8KVR, gave visitors a 360 degree view of how professional gamers are playing!

EVO Japan 2019Guests had the chance to compete against professional gamers. Participants could then watch a recording of the contest alongside pro-gamers in the VR environment and get some valuable feedback!
EVO Japan 2019
The "GT-R nismo," which appears in the famous racing game "Gran Turismo SPORT," was displayed during the event!

EVO Japan 2019
EVO Japan 2019The gauge can display speeds of up 340 km per hour! The automobile is also equipped with a GPS feature. The car's limiter automatically turns off when it enters a race track! The interior is luxurious, but also super sporty!
EVO Japan 2019
Cospplayers LEONA and TERRY from "SNK HEROINES" were also at the event!

EVO Japan 2019
A new version of the beat 'em up game "SAMURAI SPIRITS" is set to be released after a 10 year hiatus! Make sure to check-it-out!
EVO Japan 2019
Visitors could try-out "STREET FIGHTER V TYPE ARCADE" at the TAITO booth!
● Fukuoka College of Design and Technology (FCA)
EVO Japan 2019
There was also an FCA booth at the event. FCA will be offering a courses in e-sports from April 2019!
● Fukuoka Convention & Visitors Bureau
EVO Japan 2019
EVO Japan 2019
A lot of international visitors came to watch the tournament! Unique Fukuoka souvenirs proved to be a real hit!

EVO Japan 2019 Presented by NTT DOCOMO

- Day 1 (Qualifying): Friday 15th February - Doors: Afternoon (scheduled) (free admission)
- Day 2 (Qualifying): Saturday 16th February - Doors: 8:00 / Performance: 9:00 (scheduled) (free admission)
- Day 3 (Finals): Sunday 17th February - Doors: 8:00 / Performance: 9:00 (scheduled) *Tickets required
Fukuoka Kokusai Center (2-2 Chikkohonmachi, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka-ken)
- Official Website (English): https://www.evojapan.net/2019/en/
- Official Website (Japanease): https://www.evojapan.net/2019/
- Twitter: @evojapannews

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