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Tenjin B.B.Quisine


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Fukuoka Eat & Drink Guide
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Enjoy a traditional taste at Fukuoka Airport that has been loved for over 50 years!

Tenjin B.B.Quisine
On the 2nd floor of Fukuoka Airport Domestic Passenger Terminal Building, there is "the Foodtimes", a stylish gourmet spot that gathers many different types of stores! It is conveniently located in front of the departure gate so that you can stop by to enjoy Fukuoka gourmet dishes before boarding. Here you can find a popular store named "Tenjin B.B.Quisine", which offers "Butter Grilled Beef / Beef Butter-yaki", a dish by a long-established restaurant in Fukuoka that has been popular for many years.
Tenjin B.B.Quisine
"Butter Grilled Beef" is an dish created by a restaurant in Tenjin (Fukuoka City) named "Restaurant Fugetsu" in 1968, and has now become a classic dish served at restaurants run by FUGETSU FOODS Co., Ltd. What completes the taste of the butter sauteed beef served on a hot iron plate, is the secret original barbecue sauce that is added just before serving. The aroma of the sauce that accompanied with a sizzling sound is so appetizing. When you take a bite, you will realize that the taste of the beef and the sour Japanese-style sauce match perfectly! You won't want to stop eating as the refreshing aftertaste spreads in your mouth!
Tenjin B.B.QuisineA generous serving of the Fukuoka local dish "Butter Grilled Beef" that has captivated many people (*Image shown is the serving size of Set M)
Tenjin B.B.Quisine
Plenty of meat, slightly crispy pasta and Japanese-style sauce match perfectly♪

Tenjin B.B.Quisine
The store is selling barbeque sauce (need to keep refrigerated) to let you enjoy "Butter Grilled Beef" at home♪

Tenjin B.B.Quisine
Tenjin B.B.QuisineThere is a limited-time menu that offers salsa sauce or other selections at different times! Also, "Butter Grilled Beef" is available for takeout!
As a replacement of pasta, you can now order "Butter Grilled Beef Rice" or "Butter Grilled Beef Rice with Cheese" which are becoming popular nowadays! The store is said to have many repeat customers, from locals who seek a kind of familiar taste to those who tried the dish for the first time at the airport and have been captivated ever since! It seems that there are more and more "Butter Grilled Beef" fans all over the country now!


Tenjin B.B.Quisine (天神B.B.Quisine)

- Address: 2F the Foodtimes Fukuoka Airport Domestic Passenger Terminal Building (767-1 Shimousui, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka-shi Japan)
- Fukuoka Airport Official Website (Tenjin B.B.Quisine info):https://www.fukuoka-airport.jp/shops/tenjinbbquisine.html
- FUGETSU FOODS Co.,Ltd. Official Website: https://www.fugetsu.co.jp/

* All information correct as of August 2021. Store layout and food menu may differ from the current one.

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