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JOSUIAN Hakataekimae Honten / 如水庵 博多駅前本店


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Fukuoka Eat & Drink Guide
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Sharing Hakata culture and traditional high-quality confections

JOSUIAN Hakataekimae Honten
The Hakataekimae Honten store is located on a main street which is about a 5-minute walk from Hakata Station.
JOSUIAN is a long-established wagashi (Japanese confectionery) store in Fukuoka that has been attracting people with its popular "Tsukushi Mochi" and other wagashi that shows the value of seasonality. This July, its flagship store in Hakata, Hakataekimae Honten, was reopened after a renovation and has turned into a new spot that introduces the history and traditional culture of confections.
JOSUIAN Hakataekimae Honten
JOSUIAN Hakataekimae Honten"Confectionery Serving Plates for Tsukushi Mochi" — limited edition with pottery created by a Takatoriyaki ware master craftsman!

JOSUIAN Hakataekimae HontenThe corner that displays "Ofuku Daifuku", a limited item available at Hakataekimae Honten. There is a workshop in the back!
JOSUIAN Hakataekimae Honten"Kiwi" is an exquisite combination of pleasant sourness and the sweetness from white bean paste; the "Cream Cheese" Daifuku creates a fun harmony between the gentle taste of white bean paste and the texture of dried fruits!
The new signature product at the JOSUIAN Hakataekimae Honten store is "Ofuku Daifuku". In addition to the traditional Strawberry Daifuku and Grape Daifuku that uses seasonal fruits, this new product is freshly made one by one by the in-store workshop pastry chefs, with suitable seasonal fruits, homemade smooth white bean paste and good mochi♪ You can try to cut it with the string given to keep its shape nice♪ Let the soft mochi and juicy fruits fill your mouth with happiness.
JOSUIAN Hakataekimae Honten
You can find seasonal wagashi here too. They are too beautiful and delicate to eat!

JOSUIAN Hakataekimae Honten
JOSUIAN Hakataekimae Honten
JOSUIAN Hakataekimae HontenKashi-kigata (wood mould for confections) used the late Edo period to the Showa period! Can't help staring at these delicate sculptures of Mount Fuji and the auspicious sea bream.

JOSUIAN Hakataekimae Honten
JOSUIAN Hakataekimae Honten
JOSUIAN Hakataekimae Honten
A merchandise corner displaying Fukuoka crafts.


JOSUIAN Hakataekimae Honten

- Address: 2-19-29 Hakataekimae, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka-shi Japan
- Official Website: https://corp.josuian.jp/
- Ofuku Daifuku Website: https://ofuku.josuian.jp/
- Facebook: @josuian.jp
- Instagram: @52josuian_official

* All information correct as of July 2021. Store layout and food menu may differ from the current one.

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