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Interview Now - Flower -(2/3)

Interview Now ~ Flower ~

They have such unique personalities. They are fun just to be around (lol)!

ab: Manami, you're the leader of the group. You are also said to be the life and soul of the party. How did you earn that crown?

Shigetome: Well, it's a little bit embarrassing to talk about that myself (lol)!

Nakajima: Well, I will then (lol)! Manami is a nurturing type of person who is really great at looking after others, and is really full of great feminine qualities. She is able to give her attention to so many things. She even looks after the schedule in a very organized manner. But she has a tendency to behave like a bit like a younger sister who sometimes has to depend on others.

She wants to take initiative as a leader, make sure everyone is in a good mood, and help create a positive environment. These are things on her mind, so she is often the first to do something funny.
ab: Do the other members have their own unique characters and roles in the groups?

Nakajima: There's a lot of individuality, a lot of characters.

Shigetome: Shuuka is really popular with girls. I think they are attracted to how cool she is and want to dress like her. She has a lot of female fans.

Even though within Flower she has a cool, dignified image, I think she also has a very cute side. I don't know if you see it much outside, but I think that the group sees it when we are in private (lol)!

Nakajima: Oh, I'm sure people would love to see that side!

Fujii: I'm not really aware of it.

Nakajima: It's great you're like that (lol)!
Shigetome: If you find Shuuka in that kind of mood, you'll know that she is relaxed and chilled. We won't tell her, but we're happy when we see her like that. She doesn't show it so much at work, but I think she really relaxes in private, and enjoys spending time with the rest of the group. The other members have such unique, individual personalities. They are fun just to be around (lol)!

ab: What kind of character is Mio?
Shigetome: Mio is the oldest, but she sometimes loses concentration. However, when she is really into something, she gets totally hooked and likes to do a lot of research into it (lol)! Right now we are doing acrobatics for our dance routines. If one of us can't move our shoulder blade, she will put a lot of effort into figuring out what has happened and start telling you all kinds of information about what each muscle does.

I really don't know anything about those kind of detailed, technical topics, but she puts so much effort into explaining them, that you end up getting quite absorbed by what she is talking about. If you want the correct answer to something, it's always best to check with Mio first.

ab: Shuuka, you also work as a model, do you have to pay much attention to what you eat? Do you have a beauty routine that you try to keep to?
Fujii: Well, since high school I have tried to make sure I have a banana smoothie every morning. Sometimes I have a lunch provided on set, or a meal that does not have a great deal of nutritional value, so I make sure to have a fruit or vegetable smoothie every morning.

I also do some training. Until recently I have been training at the gym, but because I always do the same routine, my muscles now know what to expect. So I recently took up kickboxing. It's a pretty fresh, new experience. It trains the core muscles, and is really exhausting… But that kind of tiredness is a great thing.

It is also important not to endure too much. I think it is very important not to be too fixated on something. If you are thinking about putting on weight while you are eating, I think you can end up feeling guilty about eating, and not enjoying food is not good for the body.
ab: What do you get up to outside of work, or during a day off?

Fujii: I like to go out for a private drink, or sometimes I will go for a work-related meal.

Shigetome: I respect everyone's private life outside of work, but when I have time, I will call the others to see if they want to go out together to grab some fries or a burger.

Fujii: After finishing a meeting, we do not like going straight home, so we might go to an izakaya or a bar.

ab: Do you drink quite a lot?

Fujii: Oh yeah, these two drink a lot (lol)! I can't hold my drink so well, so I like to drink by myself just a little bit at a time. I cant really join in when everyone's drinking at a bar. I think everyone else can hold their drink pretty well.
ab: You don't feel too drunk?

Nakajima: Oh no, I do get pretty drunk (lol)!

Shigetome: But we all have fun when we drink. Of course Nozomi still isn't old enough, but for the other members it's nice to have a drink, and talk about work things. I think spending time together in that kind of way is very much related to work.




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