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Interview Now - 金子有希 (Kaneko Yuki), 前田佳織里 (Maeda Kaori), 高田憂希 (Takada Yuuki) -(2/2)

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Kaneko Yuki, Maeda Kaori, Takada Yuuki

I hope everyone falls in love with Kitakyushu!

Kaneko Yuki, Maeda Kaori, Takada Yuuki
▲ (From left) Kaneko Yuki, Maeda Kaori, and Takada Yuuki
ab: Thank you for putting on a great show! How do you think it went?

Kaneko Yuki: I was a little nervous, especially as it took place just after the ceremony where two of us were appointed as tourism ambassadors. But it made me think... "It's so much fun when the three of us get together!"
Kaneko Yuki
ab: In July of this year (2022), you became official ambassadors for Aruaru City as part of the facility's 10th anniversary celebrations. Have things become busier since that time? Has anything changed?

Takada Yuuki: My feelings haven't changed, but it's fun when the three of us get together. I think it's cool if people get a chance to see us hang out and mess around! It would be fun if the three of us could continue to participate in events together!
Takada Yuuki
ab: During the event, you spoke about places that you think are sacred. Kaneko-san, you mentioned Kokura Castle's Japanese Garden! How about you two?

Maeda Kaori: Kokura Castle... It is a place that I have been to with my friends and family. Once when I was there, I rode on a palanquin and took some photos. That was pretty memorable (lol)! And I used to buy anime goods at Aruaru City. These are some places that I think are special. Oh and Mojiko is fantastic, too!

Takada: We could probably come up with lots of places, right? However, I would go for the West Japan General Exhibition Center! I often go in order to participate in events like Comiket. I even cosplayed as Luffy from "ONE PIECE" at the site:)

Maeda: I also attend those events! Maybe we've passed by each other (lol)!
Maeda Kaori
ab: Thank you all so much! Do you have a message for your fans in Japan and overseas?

Kaneko: Kitakyushu has delicious food. The city also promotes anime as one of the local area's most appealing features. I think people from abroad would have a great time if they visited. It would be awesome if everyone came over and had fun!

Maeda: Kitakyushu is easily accessible by any form of transportation. There are lots of great sea and air routes that link Kitakyushu to places all over the world. This makes it easier for people to visit from overseas! In any case... Please come and check out the area!

Takada: This was the base where the three of us spread our wings and took the sky. I hope everyone falls in love with Kitakyushu! The area is trying to develop into a mecca for anime and manga. I would like to see the KPF continue for a long time to come. Please get behind us!


Aruaru City / あるあるCity
- Address: 2-14-5 Asano, Kokurakita-ku, Kitakyushu-shi, Fukuoka-ken Japan
- Official Website: https://aruarucity.com/
- Twitter: @aruarucity2
- Facebook: @aruarucity0427

Kokura Castle / 小倉城
- Address: 2-1 Jonai, Kokurakita-ku, Kitakyushu-shi, Fukuoka-ken Japan
- Official Website: https://www.kokura-castle.jp/
- Twitter: @kokura_castle
- Facebook: @kokura.castle1602
- Instagram: @kokura_castle

★ Kaneko Yuki
- Twitter: @kanekosanndesu
- YouTube: HERE!
★ Maeda Kaori
- Twitter: @kaor1n_n
★ Takada Yuuki
- Twitter: @sunflower930316

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