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From China: Let's ask Setsusho, Q&A about Life in Fukuoka!

REAL Voices! International Students on Life in Fukuoka!
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Fukuoka Prefecture boasts the third largest number of international students in Japan. You can encounter a lot of international atmosphere here. In this special feature, you can listen to the "real voices of international students" studying in Fukuoka. This time, we will do the Fukuoka Life Q&A interview with Setsusho, an international student from China who is studying at a national university in Fukuoka City. What kind of accomodation do international students choose?

Share-houses or student dormitories, both are comfortable!

◎ About being a student here in Fukuoka

ab: What was your reason for studying in Fukuoka?

When I asked my Japanese friends for advice, Fukuoka was actually the city which was recommended the most. After doing my own research, I found out that the climate of Fukuoka was similar to my hometown (Guangxi, China), also that the transportation system was convenient and that there were many excellent universities in Fukuoka. So after considering it comprehensively, I decided to go to Fukuoka.

ab: How did you collect information about Fukuoka before coming here?

I used online video sharing sites and social media to watch videos introducing Fukuoka and stories about experiences of studying in Fukuoka. I also obtained information through the international student support center at my university and my school also arranged for me to meet with a supporter who gave me some valuable advice.

ab: What is your favourite aspect about the university you currently attend?

I attend Kyushu University, which has one of the largest campus areas in the whole of Japan. There are two huge libraries in it with a big collection of books. There are 14 restaurants and cafeterias offering a wide variety of cuisines: Chinese, Western, Indian and Japanese. With so much to choose from, you can be sure to find something you will like.

◎ Living arrangement information

ab: What kind of room do you live in? (Room-share? Dormitory?)

The photo above is showing a university dormitory room. The rooms are not large, but the rent is cheap and it is close to school, so it is very convenient for students who want to concentrate on their studies. If you want to improve your Japanese skills, I recommend moving into a share-house (photo below), where you can have extensive communication exchanges with Japanese!
ab: How much are your monthly living expenses?

I would say the total cost is approximately 70,000-80,000 Yen. I live in a university dormitory, so rent, water, electricity and internet bills are relatively cheap, approximately 40,000 Yen. Most activities I join are centered in and around school, and I use my bicycle mostly for transportation so food accounts for the biggest part of my remaining expenses.

ab: Is there anything that comes to mind that you could mention where you think "this is cheap!" or "this is expensive!'?

In my hometown, I preferred to take taxis as a means of transportation and I used to order meals from a restaurant online which offered home deliveries. In Japan those are expensive, so I travel by bicycle or bus and mostly cook my own meals. On the other hand, I find second-hand stores cheap and convenient. You can buy home appliances, furniture, books and clothes for less than a third of the original price.
ab: What was the one thing that surprised you the most when you came to Japan/Fukuoka? (food, cultural differences etc.)

The general clean and beautiful city scenery amazes me. Even if there are not many rubbish bins in Japan, it is common sense for people here to take their rubbish home and dispose of it at home, so it is rare to see rubbish thrown away on the streets/in public. Another aspect is, that people here follow traffic rules, people generally obey the traffic signals and do not disturb the traffic flow. I was also surprised that toilets, even in public places such as convenience stores and department stores, are always kept clean.

ab: When do you feel you are truly in Japan?

The townscape of Fukuoka offers a magnificent variety of towering skyscrapers and at the same time many ancient shrines and torii-gates. When I find myself in a downtown area and see such a historical building in front of me, I feel like I have slipped back in time to the old days in Japan.

◎ Having fun in Fukuoka

ab: Tell us about the fun things you like to do in Fukuoka?

Fukuoka faces the wide beautiful sea, so you can see stunning sunsets here. My friends and I often drive to the beach to capture this wonderful experience, or we chat at a seaside cafe to watch the sun go down.

ab: Which place did you like best in Fukuoka so far?

I especially liked Meotoiwa in Itoshima City. In addition to being able to experience the great outdoors, there are many beautiful cafes and restaurants in the surrounding area. No matter how many times you visit Itoshima, you will never run out of options to visit. Both, the interior of the shops and the food, are also stunning, so there is no doubt that you will be able to take many wonderful photos there!

ab: When you visit your home country, what kind of things do you take home for yourself and what souvenirs do you choose for your family and friends?

The first thing that comes to mind is ramen from the popular ramen-shop in Fukuoka called Ichiran. Fukuoka's unique chilled karaage-chicken goes well as an appetizer in combination with alcohol, so this is a perfect souvenir for my father to share with his friends when he drinks with them. My mother likes sweets that are not too sweet, so for her I usually choose Japanese-style steamed buns made with Yame tea, a speciality from Fukuoka.

ab: Please share your favorite photo that you took in Fukuoka!
This is a photo I took at Sakurai Futamigaura. I went there with 4 of my friends, first we had some pizza and salad at a cafe, then we bought some drinks and sat down at a bench along the coast and waited for the sun to go down while chatting. At dusk we played games at the beach and went for a walk. This photo was taken during that walk.

◎ A message to everyone who wants to study in Fukuoka!

Many things are beautiful here in Fukuoka: the city, the scenery, the food and of course the people are beautiful too. It is a city that radiates kindness and tolerance, so it is a place that makes you feel like you have come home and you can feel comfortable here. I hope that I will get to know all of you one day reading this article and see what you have been up to!


SetsushoI am Setsusho from China. I love Japanese manga and the anime culture, so I want to connect with people who also like manga and anime!

- Hobbies: Hobbies: traveling, photography, singing and drawing
- Favourite Japanese food: ramen
- Favourite Japanese anime or manga: "NARUTO", "SOUL EATER", "TORADORA!"
- Favourite Japanese artist and song: Koi (Hoshino Gen), Oaiko (Hanaregumi), Ame (Kiyoshi Ryujin)

Useful Information - External Links - Find out even more about Fukuoka!

Fukuoka travel guide!
- Fukuoka Prefecture Tourist Association VISIT FUKUOKA: https://www.crossroadfukuoka.jp/
└ CYCLE & TRAIL FUKUOKA: https://www.crossroadfukuoka.jp/cycletrail/
└ Traditional Crafts of Fukuoka, Japan: https://www.crossroadfukuoka.jp/traditionalcrafts/
└ HOT SPRING GUIDE THE ONSEN FUKUOKA: https://fukuoka-onsen.com/english/

Study in Fukuoka!
- Fukuoka International Student Support Center (FiSSC): https://www.fissc.net/
- Fukuoka International Exchange Foudation: https://kokusaihiroba.or.jp/

Live in Fukuoka!
- Fukuoka Prefecture Official Website: https://www.pref.fukuoka.lg.jp/site/english/

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