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OTAKU JAPAN Tourism Association Area - Part1 -(4/7)

    The Royal Princess of Ishikawa “Tamahime-chan”

    石川県非公認キャラクター たまひめちゃん
    "Tamehime-chan" is based on a real person. Tamahime, the wife of Toshitsune Maeda (third head of Maeda clan who ruled the Kaga Domain), she was the heir of Ieyasu Tokugawa!

    石川県非公認キャラクター たまひめちゃん
    There was all kinds of Tamehime-chan goods!

    石川県非公認キャラクター たまひめちゃん

    石川県非公認キャラクター たまひめちゃん
    These lovely designs went down an absolute storm with customers!
    (Editorial Dept. staff member Asami couldn't help herself and bought lots of their goods to take home!)

    石川県非公認キャラクター たまひめちゃん

    石川県非公認キャラクター たまひめちゃん
    Tamehime-chan made appearance!

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