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[Information] Manga themed special exhibit “Fukuoka Manga World” is open from May 1st to June 29th!

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Discover the charms of Fukuoka's Manga!!

Fukuoka Manga World
Did you know that Fukuoka prefecture is a generator for many Manga artists? This special exhibit is filled with vast amount of content such as award winning submissions from Kitakyushu Manga museum's “Kitakyushu International Manga Competition" and Manga Contents Promote Organization's "MCPO AWARD," both contests are Fukuoka's biggest international manga contests and there will also be introductions to Manga artists who have connections to Fukuoka and associated events.
You gotta take some photos at the photo spot, complimentary from Kurate Gakuen a cosplay photo shoot location that uses a closed down school! Definitely come to the exhibit to take some cool photos!

■ There will be many events during the exhibition period. So be on the lookout!!

Fukuoka Manga World

During the exhibition not only there will be many events from asianbeat and from supporting orgainizartions. For event schedules and details, we will update this page for new information. Please stop by and enjoy the exhibition♪
- 2018.06.08 Updated
漫画家アシスタント体験ワークショップ● Learning basic skills and techniques at the "Manga artist assistant experience" workshop!

A workshop "Manga Artist Assistant Experience" was held on Thursday 7th June. The event took place as part of the exhibit "Fukuoka Manga World" project!
- 2018.05.17 Updated
workshop●[Information] Come to the "Manga assistant experience" workshop!!

Our second hands-on workshop for the “Fukuoka Manga World” exhibit is a "Manga assistant experience" workshop on Thursday June, 7th!! Looking forward to your participation!
- 2018.05.10 updated
Kurate Mizuhiki● [Information] Come to the "Kurate Mizuhiki accessory making” workshop!!

Our first hands-on workshop for the “Fukuoka Manga World” exhibit is a "Kurate Mizuhiki accessory making" workshop on Wednesday 23rd May at the Fukuoka Yokamon Hiroba, 11th floor of the Fukuoka Prefectural Government Office!!
- 2018.05.03 updated
Opening Ceremony● The "Fukuoka Manga World" exhibition is now open!

The "Fukuoka Manga World" exhibition started on May 1st 2018! The event aims to shine a spotlight on manga artists and titles that have ties to the the Fukuoka area. A special opening ceremony took place, which featured a talk from manga artists Tochi Ueyama and Mitsuhiro Kasuga!
- 2018.04.19 updated

● Special opening event: Tochi Ueyama X Mitsuhiro Kasuga talk show!
We’ll have a live talk show with Fukuoka resident manga artist Tochi Ueyama (“COOKING PAPA”) and Mitsuhiro Kasuga (“Za Samurai”) !

Date: May 1st (TUE) 12:00~
Location: Fukuoka Yokamon Hiroba north tower
Free admission!

Tochi Ueyama
Mitsuhiro Kasuga
Fukuoka Manga World
address.jpgFukuoka Yokamon Hiroba

-Address: 11F, Fukuoka Prefectural Government Building (7-7 Higashikoen, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka-ken)
- Opening Hours: 8:30 to 17:15 (Weekdays)
- Closed: Saturdays, Sundays and National Holidays (closed the same days as the Fukuoka Prefectural Government Offices)
- Entrance fee: Free
- Fukuoka Yokamon Hiroba SNS >>Facebook (Available in Japanese)

* Yokamon Cafe is open from 8:30-17:15 (Lunch is served between 11:30-14:00)

Fukuoka Manga World

■ Period: 5/1 (TUE) - 6/29 (FRI)
■ Location: Fukuoka Yokamon Hiroba (Fukuoka prefectural Government FL: 11)
■ Free Admission
■ Organized by asianbeat, Fukuoka Japan
■ Cooperation:Kitakyushu Manga Museum, MANGA Contents Promote Organization, KURATE Gakuen

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