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Check-out the latest Canal Aqua Panorama! "EVANGELION Angel Attack on Hakata" is now screening!

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A special state of emergency has been declared!? EVANGELION has appeared in Canal City Hakata!

EVANGELION Angel Attack on Hakata
A preview for the latest in Canal Aqua Panorama series, "エヴァンゲリオン 使徒、博多襲来 (EVANGELION Angel Attack on Hakata)" was held for the media and asianbeat had the chance to attend! The attraction, which opened to the public on Saturday 1st June, was produced by Khara, Inc. and Project Studio Q Inc. Directors 千合洋輔 (Chiai Yohsuke) and 荒牧康治 (Aramaki Koji) made an appearance at the venue alongside general director 小林浩康 (Kobayashi Hiroyasu). The directors told us that this footage features "Shin Fukuoka City" instead of "Tokyo-3", where original story takes place. The huge display panels make it possible for viewers to witness the full scale of the EVA units that feature in this installment and it is definitely worth keeping an eye out for the local sites that appear in the detailed background! Spectators should be able to recognize a lot of the spots featured in the video footage! Mr. Kobayashi said, "It is going to be so interesting to see all the crowds gather together and watch the scenes, which depict EVANGELION's synchronization, on a huge screen." You can only view this installment here in Canal City Hakata, so please check-it-out!"

The "Canal Aqua Panorama" makes use of one of Japan's largest projection mapping screens and water fountains to create unforgettable productions! This fast paced, action packed show is full of energy and features exciting battle scenes! Visitors will want to experience it over and over again! You're sure to have a great time if you visit the venue! (*The installation is free to view. More information about the screening times are available HERE!)
EVANGELION Angel Attack on Hakata
EVANGELION Angel Attack on Hakata
EVANGELION Angel Attack on Hakata
EVANGELION Angel Attack on Hakata
EVANGELION Angel Attack on Hakata
EVANGELION Angel Attack on Hakata
A view of Fukuoka City from around Shikanoshima is used as the backdrop in this scene!

EVANGELION Angel Attack on Hakata
EVANGELION Angel Attack on Hakata
Four EVA units in the same spot is a pretty rare sight! You won't be able to see this kind of scene anywhere else!

EVANGELION Angel Attack on Hakata
EVANGELION Angel Attack on Hakata(From left) Canal Aqua Panorama "EVANGELION Angel Attack on Hakata": director Chiai Yohsuke, general director Kobayashi Hiroyasu, and director Aramaki Koji

Kyushu's first permanent EVA-themed shop has opened! Check-out the "EVANGELION STORE HAKATA!"

Kyushu's first permanent EVANGELION-themed shop opened Saturday 1st June 1! The "EVANGELION STORE HAKATA" is located on the first floor basement (B1F) in Canal City Hakata's Business Center Bldg. We also managed to sneak in and take a look around! Stay tuned for more information about the store!

Special "Canal City Hakata Limited Edition" display! Don't miss out!

A model of a huge Shogoki (Unit 01) installation is on display in front of the store!

EVANGELIONAlso collaborated with a famous Fukuoka confectioner! We've got to sample the "EVANGELION Niwaka Senpei" crackers! Yeah!

EVANGELIONThe mask that comes with the crackers features the face of a Shogoki (Unit 01) with a slightly furrowed brow! The slightly concerned look is really cute, don't you think?

Special EVA-inspired dishes will be available for a limited time only! Enjoy them while you can!

EVANGELION Angel Attack on Hakata
珀屋 (HAKUYA) | (Evangelion) Unit-01 Dango (Sweet Dumplings)

Six restaurants inside the facility have developed special EVA-inspired dishes to celebrate the installation. The menus incorporate lots of cool aspects from the EVANGELION world! Order a dish from one of the specially developed menus and you can get your hands on an "original cork coaster." The drink mats will be distributed on a first-come-first-served basis. Stock is limited, so stop-by one of the participating restaurants as soon as possible to make sure you get your hands on one them! (Editorial Dept.: Gon)

EVANGELION Angel Attack on HakataDANCING CRAB Fukuoka | (From left) Asuka Cranberry Iced Tea, 使徒 (Angel)'s Frozen Sangria, EVANGELION Lemonade, 使徒 (Angel)'s Squid Ink Jambalaya

EVANGELION Angel Attack on Hakataらーめん二男坊 (Ramen Jinanbo) | にんにくラーメンチャーシュー抜き (Garlic ramen served without char siu​ [roasted pork fillet])

EVANGELION Angel Attack on Hakata
The "Original Cork Coasters" will be distributed to diners at participating restaurants on a first-come first-served basis.

Canal City Hakata

- Address: 1-2 Sumiyoshi, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka-ken, JAPAN
- Opening times: 10:00-21:00
- Official Website: https://canalcity.co.jp/
- Twitter: @Canal_official
- Facebook: @canalcityofficial
- Instagram:@canal_city

*More details about the Canal Aqua Panorama Vol.10 "Evangelion Angel Attack on Hakata" are available on the Canal City Hakata Official Website. Click HERE for more information!
* The "OMOTENASHI GUIDE" app. provides information in a number of different languages. Click HERE for more information!

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