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Hakata Motsunabe Ooyama Honten (Main Store)


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FUKUOKA TRAVEL IDEAS featuring Stefi & Ayu
LANGUAGES AVAILABLE: FUKUOKA TRAVEL IDEAS featuring Stefi & Ayu FUKUOKA TRAVEL IDEAS featuring Stefi & Ayu FUKUOKA TRAVEL IDEAS  featuring Stefi & Ayu FUKUOKA TRAVEL IDEAS  featuring Stefi & Ayu FUKUOKA TRAVEL IDEAS featuring Stefi & Ayu FUKUOKA TRAVEL IDEAS featuring Stefi & Ayu

Fell in love with the thick umami taste of the soup and the chewy texture of the "motsu"♪

Hakata Motsunabe Ooyama Honten
This time, Indonesian influencers Stefi and Ayu visited the "Hakata Motsunabe Ooyama Honten (Main Store)" that serves Fukuoka's local cuisine including the popular "motsunabe"! Located in the central area of Fukuoka City, Hakata area, the restaurant is popular among tourist from all around the world! After passing through the big lanterns that are hanging at the entrance, the pleasurable aroma of "motsunabe" would flow through the air and straight into your nose!
Hakata Motsunabe Ooyama Honten
A three-story restaurant that can accommodate a large number of visitors!

Hakata Motsunabe Ooyama Honten
Two big lanterns hanging at the entrance which indicates "We're open!"

Hakata Motsunabe Ooyama HontenJapanese style wooden shoe locker. Take the wooden tag after you placed your shoes inside the locker and make sure to keep it with you until you leave!

Hakata Motsunabe Ooyama Honten
Hakata Motsunabe Ooyama Honten
A massive painting of Fukuoka's traditional festival "Hakata Gion Yamakasa" is on the wall, very impressive!

Hakata Motsunabe Ooyama Honten"Wagyu" (Japanese beef) motsu are used for the soup. Clearly, they do not compromise on the quality of the ingredients!
At this restaurant, you can choose from "miso flavor", "soy sauce flavor" or "mizutaki (chicken broth) flavor" for your motsunabe. Stefi and Ayu chose the most popular "miso flavor" which consists of several types of misos including "kyushu miso" and "saikyo miso"! You can ask for add-ons while eating so it's a nice ordering method for someone who craves more! Enjoy the flavorful soup that brings out the full flavor of the motsu and vegetables in the pot and feel free to add champon noodles at the end of the meal!
Hakata Motsunabe Ooyama HontenEnjoy various toppings in the pot including motsu (beef intestine), nira chives, cabbage, burdock, tofu and etc. with rich and savory soup!

StefiStefi: It was my first time trying motsunabe. At first I thought: "Am I going to like this?", but turns out the motsu was very tender and there were a lot of other ingredients as well! Even the vegetables were packed with the rich flavor of the broth so it was really flavorful! I was convinced when we were told back in the days the locals would eat motsunabe to build more stamina!

Hakata Motsunabe Ooyama Honten

AyuAyu: The nira chives were the best! It was my first time having miso flavored motsunabe, the motsu and the broth are a perfect combination. The soup was super rich and tasty!

Hakata Motsunabe Ooyama Honten
So tender and yummy! The Japanese beef tongue steak is also a specialty of the house!


Hakata Motsunabe Ooyama Honten (Main Store) / 博多もつ鍋 おおやま本店

- Address: 7-28 Tenya-machi, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka-shi Japan
- Official Website: https://www.motu-ooyama.com/
- Facebook: @motu.ooyama
- Instagram: @ooyama.motu

* All information correct as of October 2021. There are occasions when the layout of the facility / food menu may differ from the content featured in this article.


Stefi and Ayu
(From left) Ayu and Stefi

Stefi (Stephanie Pricilla Indarto Putri)
- Twitter: @sutepiii
- Instagram: @sutepiii
- YouTube: HERE!

Ayu (Sasaki Ayu)
- Instagram: @sasaki_lisana

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