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Chikushi Sekijin (筑紫石人)

A Guide to Spiritual Spots in Fukuoka!
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A mysterious statue stands proudly inside the venue!

Have you ever been to "Kyushu Geibunkan" in Chikugo Regional Park? The facility, which promotes art and cultural exchange, is located just in front of the JR Chikugo-funagoya Station. You might have heard of Chikugo-funagoya... It started to gain attention once it was revealed to be the first station anywhere in Japan to be built inside an actual park! During our visit, we found a mysterious statue standing proudly inside the venue!

Chikushi Sekijinasianbeat Editorial Dept.: "Wow! What a beautiful park! It's huge! Wait a second... What's that standing on the other side of the pond!?"
Chikushi Sekijin
"Is it some type of totem pole?!"

Chikushi Sekijin
"Right hand paper... Left hand rock!? Let's get a bit closer so that we can check it out!"

Chikushi Sekijin
It turned out to be a massive stone statue!
The statue is called "Chikugo Sekijin (Chikugo stone figure)." The huge installation, which looks like a "haniwa" (Kofun period​ figure), was erected in 2015 and is now seen as park's primary monument. It's about seven meters tall! The statue is stretching its arms out wide, which gives it a width of over six meters. It's so massive! The Chikugo area is home to lots of kofun (ancient tombs), which were built during the 5th and 6th centuries. A well known example is the Iwatoyama Kofun, an officially-designated historical site that is one of the largest keyhole-shaped tomb mounds in Kyushu. "Sekijin" (stone figures) were a regular feature in these burial mounds which are known as "Yame Kofun-gun." Chikushi Sekijin takes its inspiration from this history.

It seems as though the giant stone figure is keeping guard and watching over everybody! Delving into Japan's ancient history has an almost romantic quality. Make sure to check-out this wonderful site, learn more about a lost world, and take a photo with the giant "Chikugo Sekijin" statue!
Chikushi Sekijin
Xiangyu summed it up perfectly... He said, "The statue is such a unique design! I think this stone sculpture is looking back at the past, but also stretching out his arms so that he can embrace the future!" For the full "Chikugo Area Guide (Chikugo shi) Brought to you by Reporter Xiangyu," click HERE!

Chikushi Sekijin
You get a better understanding of the statue's size the closer you get!

Chikushi Sekijin
We found another miniature Chikushi Sekijin accompanied by a sign near the Kyushu Geibunkan.

Chikushi Sekijin
Chikushi Sekijin
The magnificent stone statue assumes a solemn stance as the sun goes down.

*If you're interested in seeing the real stone figures, it is well worth visiting the "Iwatoyama History and Cultural Exchange Center" and "Iwatoyama Kofun!"

Iwatoyama History and Cultural Exchange Center Official Website: http://www.city.yame.fukuoka.jp/iwatoyama/


- Address: 831-1 Tsushima, Chikugo-shi, Fukuoka-ken JAPAN
- Official Website: http://www.ajpark.jp/

* All information correct as of January 2020.

- Hot spots around Chikugo City! -

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Kabashima Hyouka
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Yame Central Tea Plantation
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 [八女郡広川町] 森山絣工房
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