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Chikugo Area Guide (Chikugo shi) Brought to you by Reporter Xiangyu

This is Fukuoka
LANGUAGES AVAILABLE: 日本語 한국어 簡体中文 繁體中文 ภาษาไทย Bahasa Indonesia
"This is Fukuoka" is a series that gives members of the international community an opportunity to introduce a range of exciting local attractions. The reporter for this installment is Xiangyu from Changchun, China! Xiangyu went to discover some popular sites in Chikugo City!

1. Mizuta Tenmangu (水田天満宮) & Koinoki Jinja (恋木神社)

Mizuta Tenmangu & Koinoki Jinja

2. 粟島神社 (Awashima Jinja)

Awashima Jinja

3. Ushijima-seicha Chikugo Keyaki Street & Japanese cafe Leaf Heart

Ushijima-seicha Chikugo Keyaki Street & Japanese cafe Leaf Heart

NEW!! 4. 池田絣工房 (Ikeda Kasuri Kobo)

Ikeda Kasuri Kobo

Map of the locations introduced!


XiangyuHello, my name is Xiangyu, from Changchun, China. I am currently an international student in Fukuoka. Come and enjoy Fukuoka's exciting culture and delicious food!

- Hobbies: reading, learning foreign languages, and boxing
- Favorite Japanese Anime / manga: "SLAM DUNK", "DRAGON BALL"
- Favorite Japanese artists / songs: Foorin "Paprika", MANISH "煌めく瞬間に捕われて" (Kirameku Toki ni Torawarete)

- Hot spots around Chikugo City! -

(Yanagawa City)
Kabashima Hyouka
Kabashima Hyouka
(Yanagawa City)
Kogashin Kimonokan
Kogashin Kimonokan
(Yanagawa City)
Yame Central Tea
Yame Central Tea Plantation
(Yame City)
Tea Museum
Cha no Bunkakan / Tea Museum
(Yame City)
Funagoya Onsen
Funagoya Onsen "Kawa no eki Funagoya KOIBOTARU
(Chikugo Shi)
 [八女郡広川町] 森山絣工房
Moriyama Kasuri Kobo
(Hirokawa-machi, Yame-gun)



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