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A must-see if you are interested in anime songs! A free outdoor ani-son event "Otafuri!!" coming soon in November in Chikugo City (Fukuoka)!

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Let's enjoy anime songs in Chikugo on 1 November!

The 8th "Otafuri!!" is coming soon! It is a free outdoor "anison" (anime song) event scheduled to be held on Sunday 1st November at Chikugo Regional Park (Chikugo City, Fukuoka Prefecture). This year's performers include 時雨沢薫 (Sigusawa Kaoru) and ゆ~や (Yu-ya) who will continue to be the hosts and DJs from last year, as well as guest DJs - yuzen, DJ RABO, dj tom the s.c., 池島 (Ikeshima), 森近りん (Morichika Rin) and TAA! Besides, DJs selected from an open call like DJさんくす (DJ Thanks), REOPON, and TAKE*2 will join the group too! Isn't it great to indulge yourself in anime songs and feel the autumn breeze at the spacious Chikugo Park?

Otafuri!! (おたふり!!)

- Date&Time: Sunday 1st November 2020 10:00-17:30
- Venue: Chikugo Regional Park Outdoor Stage (Around Oshima 262, Chikugo-shi)
- Twitter: @ota_furi

* In order to prevent the spread of COVID-19, please wear a mask and follow the instructions of the organizer at the venue.

- Hot spots around Chikugo City! -

Chikushi Sekijin
[Chikugo City]
Tea Museum
Cha no Bunkakan / Tea Museum
[Yame City]
船小屋温泉「川の駅船小屋 恋ぼたる」
Funagoya Onsen "Kawa no Eki Funagoya Koibotaru"
[Chikugo City]
Mizuta Tenmangu & Koinoki Jinja
[Chikugo City]
船小屋温泉「川の駅船小屋 恋ぼたる」
Boat Cruising (Ohori meguri)
[Yanagawa City]
[柳川市] 柳川藩主立花邸 御花
Yanagawa Tachibana-Tei Ohana
[Yanagawa City]
[柳川市] 椛島氷菓
Kabashima Hyouka
[Yanagawa City]
[柳川市] Kogashin Kimonokan
Kogashin Kimono-kan
[Yanagawa City]
[八女市] 八女中央大茶園
Yame Central Tea Plantation
[Yame City]



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