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Iwatoyama Kofun (岩戸山古墳)

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Discover the cute stone figures at one of the largest Kofun in Northern Kyushu!

Iwatoyama Kofun
Kofun often refers to ancient tombs built in the 3rd to 7th century. Speaking of the most well-known Kofun in Japan, it is the keyhole-shaped "Zenpou Kouen-fun". We paid a visit to Yame City in Fukuoka after we learned that there is one of the largest Zenpou Kouen-fun in Northern Kyushu! It is the Iwatoyama Kofun (one of the national historic sites) which is said to be the Kofun of Tsukushinokimiiwai!
Iwatoyama Kofun
The area is well-maintained for the visitors!

Iwatoyama KofunTake a walk around the 135m-long keyhole-shaped tumulus to feel the quiet and sacred atmosphere surrounded by the woods!
You may wonder what is special about Iwatoyama Kofun. Firstly, it is the only Kofun in Japan to hold rituals at the "Bekku" (lit.: a different section) located on the east side of the tombs. In addition, other than the Haniwa (terracotta clay figures) which can be seen attached to the tombs, many stone figures in human or horse shape have been excavated! Also, it is surprised to learn that the huge "Chikushi Sekijin" (a stone statue) at Chikugo Regional Park (in Chikugo City) is inspired by the stone figures from Iwatoyama Kofun!
Iwatoyama Kofun
The "Bekku" is lined with many replicas of the stone figures of Sekijin.

Iwatoyama Kofun
This figure may look cute and gentle to you, but it is said to represent the scene of trial...

Iwatoyama Kofun
If you want to see the real stone figures like Sekijin and Sekiba, go visit the Iwatoyama History and Cultural Exchange Center "Iwai no Sato" (Yame City) which is close to the Kofun. Most of the exhibits displayed are national important cultural property! Moreover, we recommend you to see the animated videos so that you can understand the history in a better way! Let's try a different kind of experience at the cultural exchange center by immersing yourself in the historical romance♪
Iwatoyama Kofun
Iwatoyama Kofun
Iwatoyama Kofun
These are the real stone figures from approx. 1500 years ago!

Iwatoyama Kofun
Iwatoyama Kofun

Iwatoyama Kofun (岩戸山古墳)

- Address: 1562-1 Yoshida, Yame-shi, Fukuoka-ken, JAPAN
- Official Website: http://www.city.yame.fukuoka.jp/iwatoyama/

* All information correct as of June 2020.

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