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New Year's Greetings for 2022!

LANGUAGES AVAILABLE: デイリートピックス Culture Watch Culture Watch Culture Watch Culture Watch Culture Watch
Happy New Year!

The multilingual website "asianbeat" was established in 2005. Since then the site has worked hard to share the charming appeal of both Japanese pop culture and Fukuoka with people all around the world.

Cross-border travel remains restricted due to the coronavirus pandemic, which has rolled on for the last couple of years. In response to these challenging circumstances, last year asianbeat made an effort to create video content so that people could experience Fukuoka via the medium of sound and picture. Videos are featured in various asianbeat articles, including the feature "Meet Fukuoka in Asia featuring Kawaii Ambassadors!" This special series was created so that the Kawaii Ambassadors (who are based all across Asia) can share Fukuoka's unique appeal from their homeland!

asianbeat will continue to provide information about fun places to visit in Fukuoka, tasty local delicacies, and exciting events. We hope our articles will make you feel a desire to visit the area! Be sure to check the website for details about new Japanese movies, the latest manga, popular idols (entertainers), and in-demand voice artists!

The editorial department will make every effort to write about topics and produce content that our readers will enjoy! Let's have a great 2022!

asianbeat Editorial Dept.

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