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The creator of the "TOKYO GHOUL" series, Fukuoka-native manga artist Ishida Sui's first large-scale exhibition is running at Fukuoka Asian Art Museum!

Sui Ishida Exhibition
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Peeking into Ishida's head through precious materials of the 2 works!

Sui Ishida ExhibitionThe collaboration between Kaneki-kun from "TOKYO GHOUL" and Kisa from "JACKJEANNE" can only be seen at this exhibition!
Best known as the creator of the "TOKYO GHOUL" series, Fukuoka-native manga artist Ishida Sui's first large-scale exhibition "TOKYO GHOUL ▶︎ JACKJEANNE" is running at Fukuoka Asian Art Museum until 16 May (Sunday)! The exhibition focuses on 2 of his works, the "TOKYO GHOUL" series and a new video game "JACKJEANNE". Looking at the great amount of the precious materials and exhibits that illustrate his unique worldview, it feels as if you are peeking into the mysterious making process and Ishida's head!

What welcomes the visitors at the entrance is the "Hajimari no Heya" (lit.: The Beginning Room), with 17 monitors lined up all over the wall. Soon your eyes and ears will be drawn to his world as you hear the newly remixed "unravel" (opening song of "TOKYO GHOUL" anime), and more than 700 illustrations come into sight!

The " TOKYO GHOUL" Section

Sui Ishida Exhibition
Fans will definitely be excited to see the exhibits displayed in steel frames and red lights which remind them of some scenes in his early works! There are also lots of illustration panels that impress us with the beautiful and delicate drawing. Besides, one of the highlights goes to the "100 questions", as you will discover many precious information and illustrations from Ishida's reply, even about his private life!
Sui Ishida Exhibition
Sui Ishida Exhibition
"Shut up!" all over the black wall that express the feelings of Kaneki who is in agony.

Sui Ishida Exhibition

The "JACKJEANNE" Section

Sui Ishida Exhibition
A complete change from the dark to a white-based world! "JACKJEANNE" is a Nintendo Switch video game released in March this year, which the storyline, characters and scenarios are created and designed by Ishida. It is a simulation game about the main character Kisa, who hides herself as a girl and enrolls in a boys-only opera school. Exhibits include the proposal and the making of the music and video. There are so many surprises from manga to game production, let's visit "Ishida's world" now!

* Nintendo Switch is Nintendo's trademark
Sui Ishida Exhibition
Sui Ishida Exhibition
Sui Ishida Exhibition
Sui Ishida Exhibition
Sui Ishida ExhibitionA game trial corner! Each person is allowed to experience the beautiful illustrations and smooth movements for 5 minutes♪

Merchandise corner

Sui Ishida Exhibition
The official items of "TOKYO GHOUL" and "JACKJEANNE"!

Sui Ishida Exhibition
Besides the "100 questions", everything is included in this catalogue!

Sui Ishida Exhibition
Apparels are one of the popular items!

Sui Ishida Exhibition
The mug that is first launched at the Fukuoka venue♪

Sui Ishida Exhibition
Sui Ishida Exhibition


Sui Ishida Exhibition [TOKYO GHOUL ▶︎ JACKJEANNE] / 石田スイ展[東京喰種 ▶︎ JACKJEANNE]

- Event Date: Saturday 10th April - Sunday 16th May 2021
- Venue: Fukuoka Asian Art Museum (7th Floor, Riverain Center Bld., 3-1 Shimokawabata-machi, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka City, Japan)
- Closed: Wednesday (or the following day if Wednesday is a national holiday)
- Sui Ishida Exhibition Official Website: a href="https://www.ishidasui-ten.com" target="_blank">https://www.ishidasui-ten.com
- Sui Ishida Exhibition Twitter: @ishidasui_ten

- Ishida Sui Twitter: @sotonami
- Ishida Sui Instagram: @ishida_____sui

- Manga "TOKYO GHOUL" Official Website: https://youngjump.jp/tokyoghoul/tg/
- Manga "TOKYO GHOUL Twitter:@tkg_official

- "JACKJEANNE" Official Website: https://jackjeanne.com/

* All information correct as of April 2021. (*The information for this article was gathered during a media preview that took place prior to exhibition's official opening.)
©Sui Ishida/SHUEISHA ©Sui Ishida/BROCCOLI

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