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Chicappa-sai 2021

Chicappa-sai 2021
LANGUAGES AVAILABLE: 日本語 한국어 簡体中文 繁體中文 ภาษาไทย Bahasa Indonesia

A grand gathering of one of the top idols, the next generation idols, and Fukuoka-based idols

In this article, we will be talking about the big idol event "Chicappa-sai 2021", which took place in Fukuoka City (Marine Messe Fukuoka B Hall) on Sunday 12th December 2021! From one of the top idol groups to Fukuoka-based idol groups, the event has become a grand gathering of 12 idols groups! The guests include IDOLATER, AKB48 Team 8 (*), SKE48 (*), STU48 (*), Kyushu Girls Wing, Qumali Depart, CAMELLIA FACTORY, ≠ME, Batten Girls, #Bababa Bambi, BEYOOOOONDS and LinQ! Let's take a deep dive into the 7 idol groups (including 3 Fukuoka-based idol groups) and check out the exclusive interview and our photo report from the event!

* Only some members of the groups participated in the event.

PICK UP!: Chicappa-sai 2021 INTERVIEW!

Interview Now - STU48 (Osaki Serika, Kawamata Anna, Takao Sayaka, Tanaka Miho, Harada Sayaka, Yoshida Sara) -
Interview Now ~ BEYOOOOONDS ~
Interview Now - CAMELLIA FACTORY (Yamagishi Riko, Niinuma Kisora, Fukuda Marine) -
Interview Now ~ 九州女子翼 (Kyushu Girls Wing) ~

PICK UP!: Chicappa-sai 2021 Live Performance - Report!



Chikappa-sai 2021 / ちかっぱ祭2021

- Event Date: Sunday 12 December 2021
- Venue: MARINE MESSE FUKUOKA Hall B (2-1 Okihama-machi, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka-shi Japan)
- Official Website: https://chicappa.fun/
- Twitter: @chicappa_sai
- Instagram: @chicappa_sai

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