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A Guide to Unique & Funky Hotels in Fukuoka!

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An experience you will never forget! Check-out some of Fukuoka's most unique accommodation facilities!

Fukuoka is full of unique hotels and ryokan (traditional inns)! You can find places decked out with high-tech gadgets, some which display artwork, and others that have a more traditional Japanese interior. There are so many different types of accommodation facilities available. Each one has its own style! The atmosphere you experience totally depends on where you stay! Stopping off at one of these super original establishments will make your time in Fukuoka even more memorable!
NEW!!INN THE PARK FukuokaKyushu‘s first unique opportunity to stay in a national park!

LASPARK RESORTHave a luxurious time at the open-air beach!
The358Surround yourself with the sky and the sea!
TAGAWAITAEKISHA HOTELEnjoy extraordinary stay at the nostalgic station building!
THE BASICS FUKUOKARelax with a good book at this gorgeous hotel after enjoying a day out exploring the streets of Fukuoka!
THE LIVELYThe gorgeous interior features wonderfully artistic designs!
Glamping FukuokaA lavish experience at a spot famous for its photogenic sunsets!
変なホテルGuests can check-in super fast with the assistance of dinosaur-shaped robots!
宿屋ひとときOutstandingly convenient. Stylish and spacious base for your trip!
HOTEL GREAT MORNINGPeace and tranqulity in the middle of the city!

- DISCOVER Fukuoka! Fukuoka Tour Guide -

Fukuoka Otaku MapFukuoka Otaku Map

In this feature we'll be introducing you to Fukuoka's anime and cosplay scene, but the term "otaku" doesn't just apply to a single subculture, it's used to refer to "enthusiasts" of various genres.
福岡パワースポット案内A Guide to Spiritual Spots in Fukuoka!

Did you know that Fukuoka is home to lots of shrines and temples? This series aims to introduce some of them and provide information about hidden spiritual spots in the local area!
Kawaii Ambassadors' Fukuoka Travel Diary Kawaii Ambassadors' Fukuoka Travel Diary

The eight Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, and Taiwanese Kawaii Ambassadors, selected in the "2019 asianbeat・FACo Kawaii Ambassador Contest", visited Fukuoka City, Itoshima City, and Fukutsu City. They report on seasonal information regarding Fukuoka, such as popular photospots, cafes, and traditional handicraft experiences!
A Trip to Fall in Love with Fukuoka and Itoshima[Feature] Fukuoka Authority, Meow Presents "A Trip to Fall in Love with Fukuoka and Itoshima"

Fukuoka Authority Meow toured trendy spots around Itoshima! So, let's go with Meow on a journey to "fall in love" with Fukuoka♪
スポット紹介Hot Spots - Things to see and do!

We're going to introduce in and around Fukuoka's sight seeing, gourmet and fun spots in this section!
This is Fukuoka[This is Fukuoka]

We'll be bringing you all the latest event info and reporting on various hot-spots in and around Fukuoka.
Shiki流 福岡・和文化紀行Shiki Style! Fukuoka - Japanese Culture Travelogue

The 'Fukuoka Tour Plan Contest' took place in January 2019. The event was held at the "asianbeat Fukuoka Matsuri Festival" in Hanoi, Vietnam during January. Shiki came first in the competition and won a round trip to Fukuoka!
From Thailand! [Feature] From Thailand! "Madecor's Fukuoka Travel Journal"

Madecor, who came to Japan from Thailand to receive the 'asianbeat FUKUOKA, JAPAN Award' at the "Third Kitakyushu International Manga Competition" last year, visited Fukuoka! She went on a trip in Fukuoka in the early summer!
Tsukemen[Feature] Fukuoka Manhole Guide “Like an Art Gallery at Your Very Feet”

Check-out our manhole map of Fukuoka, the process behind manholes, an interview about the recent manhole mania, all as we delve into the world of manholes!

- DISCOVER Fukuoka! Fukuoka Gourmet Guide -

♥ FUKUOKA UDON♥ FUKUOKA UDON - Noodle writer Yuichiro Yamada's top recommendations!

This series sees a Fukuoka-native noodle writer Yuichiro Yamada talk about the exciting world of udon! Read-on to discover more about Fukuoka's famous udon culture!
Fukuoka ramen mapFukuoka Ramen Map

"Ramen" is one of the major representatives of food culture in Fukuoka, and in this feature, we will introduce you to some of the best ramen restaurants Fukuoka has to offer.
"Fukuoka Osake Meguri " - Guide to sake in Fukuoka -

Discover all 70 sake breweries that Fukuoka Prefecture has to offer! Here we bring to you all the latest information about where to enjoy sake produced in Fukuoka Prefecture!

- Simply stunning! An amazing spot to enjoy the sunset! -

Bayside Place HAKATA
Make sure to check-out the banner used for "A Guide to Unique & Funky Hotels in Fukuoka!" The photograph of the beautiful sunset was taken at "Bayside Place HAKATA." This popular commercial facility sits adjacent to the Hakata Wharf Passenger Terminal. Inside the complex, which is now seen as a cool tourist attraction, there is a huge aquarium that is home to somewhere between 4,000 and 8,000 fish. A number of restaurants and shops are based at the site for anyone looking to grab a bite to eat or indulge in a spot of retail therapy. The venue also regularly hosts events. One landmark that you won't be able to miss is Hakata Port Tower. The famous structure is a symbol of the local area. It appears in the manga / TV animation "HAKATA TONKOTSU RAMENS," too! It is definitely worth a visit! The observation room is located 70m above ground level and provides a superb view of Hakata Bay!

*Hakata Port Tower is currently closed for renovation work. It is scheduled to reopen in Spring 2020. Please check the Hakata Port official website for more information about future opening times. >> HERE!

- Bayside Place HAKATA Official Website: http://www.baysideplace.jp/
- Facebook: @baysideplacehakata
- PORT OF HAKATA Official Website: http://port-of-hakata.city.fukuoka.lg.jp/



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