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BATTEN GIRLS × Fukuoka Hot Spots

Let's dive into the world of BATTEN GIRLS!
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We asked BATTEN GIRLS, an idol group based in Fukuoka, Kyushu, to tell us about some local sites they would recommend visiting! During their discussion about "Fukuoka's best places to explore," the group revealed what locations they would like domestic and international tourists to visit. Make sure to stay tuned for another upcoming feature called "BATTEN GIRLS ♡ Munakata." It will be a great opportunity to find out more about the sites to see in Munakata. The group are tourism ambassadors for Munakata City, Fukuoka Prefecture, so their suggestions are sure to be insightful!

You'll definitely want to visit these locations! Check out BATTEN GIRLS' discussion about "Fukuoka's best places to explore!"

ばってん少女隊×福岡 Hot Spot
Seta SakuraSeta Sakura: I really like Ukiha City. My entire family loves ceramics! When I was in elementary school, we went to a pottery store in Ukiha City. We had a look around and bought some Koishiwara-yaki ceramics from Toho Village. I also got the chance to paint some ceramics in a workshop... It was lots of fun! Ukiha City is also known as a fruit village. The area has a reputation for producing fruit, such as strawberries, grapes, and kaki (persimmons). If you get a chance, I would recommend fruit picking!
YamandonFruit production is thriving not just in Ukiha City but across the wider Chikugo region. There are plenty of locations you can experience picking a range of delicious fruits including strawberries, blueberries, Japanese pears, grapes, and persimmons. (Photo: "Yamandon" Orchard in Ukiha City)

- Ukiha City HOT SPOTS! ~

 Ukiha Inari Jinja
 Ukiha Inari Jinja
Udonya Ido
Udonya Ido
Yame Sampo
Feature: Yame Sampo

Kiyama AiKiyama Ai: I really like Fukuma Beach in Fukutsu City! There is about a 2km stretch of sandy beach that is lovely to walk along. It is so nice to take a stroll by the sea! Along the coast, you can find some trendy cafes and high end sushi restaurants. Nothing beats eating dishes made with locally sourced ingredients while you look out at the sea!
かがみの海Witness the reflection of the sky sparkling on the surface of the sea! "KAGAMINOUMI" is the name given to this stunning natural phenomenon, which can be seen when tide is low along the 3km coastline that runs from Fukuma, Miyajihama to Tsuyazaki Beach.
*Photo provided by 一般社団法人ひかりのみちDMO福津

- Fukutsu City HOT SPOTS! -

Miyajidake Shrine
Miyajidake Shrine
Sushi Yatai Umi no Iro
Sushi Yatai Umi no Iro
Glamping Fukuoka
Glamping Fukuoka

Aoi RiruaAoi Rirua: I would suggest Itoshima... The natural scenery is amazing! The Shiraito Waterfall is cool even during the Summer months. It is a place where you can forget about the heat and just unwind. Visitors can chillout by the water or enjoy some nagashi somen (thin noodles that are sent down to customers by bamboo chutes with ice-cold water). It is a really refreshing location!
Palm Tree SwingThere are so many great places to take photographs in Itoshima. It is well worth stopping by the Palm Tree Swing if you want to take picture to remember your trip!

- Itoshima City HOT SPOTS! -

Blue Roof
Blue Roof
tabinokiseki Itoshima
tabinokiseki Itoshima

Ueda RikoUeda Riko: The Mojiko Retro District in Kitakyushu City is one of my favorite places. The old fashioned, nostalgia-inducing cityscape is delightful! In 2019, JR Mojiko Station was refurbished and now it looks even more dynamic! If you walk around the station, you'll discover lots of places that sell Mojiko's famous yaki (baked)-curry, which is served with lots of melted cheese. Why not sample a few different variations so that you can find out your favorite!
JR Mojiko StationThe Mojiko District in Kitakyushu City is home to a number of historical structures, such as the JR Mojiko Station building, that were inspired by Western architecture.

- Mojiko Retro District HOT SPOTS! ~

Mojiko Retro - Jinrikisha (Rickshaw) -
Jinrikisha (Rickshaw)
Princess PhI PhI Mojiko Store - Only one Grilled Curry in the world
Princess PhI PhI Mojiko Store
Only one Grilled Curry in the world
門司港レトロ  〜  KANMON HEART  〜

Yanagi MiyuYanagi Miyu: Hakata Station is great! It's like the gateway to Fukuoka! So many people pass through the area surrounding the station on a daily basis. It's a nice place to explore because there are lots of cool shops. You can find restaurants serving Fukuoka delicacies, stores that have a cute and trendy vibe, as well as easily accessible movie theaters. You can spend an entire day in the area around the station without realizing!
Hikari no Machi HAKATAThere are lots of famous stores in JR Hakata Station. If you visit during the Winter, you'll see lots of gorgeous lights and glittering decorations all around the station.

- HOT SPOTS around Hakata Station! -

Kushida Jinja
Kushida Jinja
Hakata Issou Hakataeki-higashi Honten
Hakata Issou
Hakataeki-higashi Honten
Mitsui Shopping Park LaLaport FUKUOKA
Mitsui Shopping Park

Haruno KiinaHaruno Kiina: I would definitely recommend Dazaifu! I'm originally from Nagasaki Prefecture but for New Year shrine visits, I used to go to Dazaifu Tenmangu. Did you know that Dazaifu Tenmangu is dedicated to the god of learning? I really enjoyed seeing all the stores selling souvenirs and umegae-mochi (rice cakes filled with anko [sweet paste made from azuki beans]) along the approach to the shrine. I'm not a massive fan of anko but I think umegae-mochi is delicious. That is the only type of anko I enjoy!
Dazaifu TenmanguDazaifu Tenmangu is certainly one of Fukuoka's most famous sites! Eating a snack on the road that leads up to the shrine is pure bliss!
*Photo provided by: Dazaifu Tenmangu

- Dazaifu City HOT SPOTS! -

Homangu Kamado Jinja
Homangu Kamado Jinja
Cafe kanon
Cafe kanon
Oniyaki Kawara Soba KAGURA
Oniyaki Kawara Soba KAGURA


BATTEN GIRLS / ばってん少女隊

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- Twitter: @battengirls_jp
- Instagram: @but_show.insta
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